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Long Weekend

In our line of work, not everyone follows whatever holiday the government declare. Since most of the people at work follow different clients/timezones/countries, they’d have to follow what their client/timezone/country calls especially with holidays. But, since we’re servicing global clients, our team follows Philippine holidays, and because our country has so many holidays, you know what that means. :P

Yes, I love Philippine holidays. I don’t really agree about moving the holidays to Mondays and all, but I admit that I love having long weekends. :)

Let’s take this four-day weekend for example. Friday night was movie night at work, and my friends and I watched Wall-E, which was a really cute movie. :D It was followed by dinner with some friends and then preparations for the next day’s outing, a first for my team. There weren’t too many of us that we’d need to buy a bus to transport us all there, but there were a lot of people who came, which made it a fun event still. :D

Saturday and Sunday was a trip to Laguna with my teammates and other friends from the account and friend of friends. Fun times playing cards, videoke, billiards, swimming and of course, drinking. :P It’s been a while since I did this; and last summer outing doesn’t count because I was the organizer and this time I was just a participant. :D Got home Sunday with a major headache (haha),  and slept it off until mass time.

Yesterday, I spent the day at Shang, roaming around looking for clothes and books while waiting for my best friend who I was supposed to meet. It was fun meeting up with her again since the last time we saw each other was last…May, and we hardly talk lately because of our busy schedules. Yummy (but expensive) dinner at Green Tomato, but good company, so it makes up for it.

Today, the last day of my long weekend, is the day I am supposed to do some extra curricular stuff at work so I can get a headstart on them. Of course, lazy me hasn’t started yet, but I will…in a while. :) I’ll be doing some baking tonight too, just for kicks and for a friend’s birthday this week. If this goes well, I’ll probably be baking this for the holidays too.

So that’s my long weekend. :D How was yours? :)