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Holiday smells and thoughts

I went out to our terrace earlier to put the plastic pot my mom bought from the mall earlier and found myself taking a deep breath outside…and wait a minute. Is it just me, or does it smell like Christmas already?

Funny, yeah, but then it’s almost September and all Filipinos know that once September starts, it’s the “ber” months already…meaning Christmas is almost here! And the year will soon be over. Wow.

I bet this Christmas is going to be different than last year. Last year, Christmas was kind of lonely because my parents were at Saipan and my brother was out for work so I spent most of the holidays at home and alone. I minded, because well…it’s Christmas! And it sucks to be alone on Christmas. :( But my brother and I made it up on Christmas day and New Year’s day when we went out with his girlfriend.

Anyway, this year, I think Christmas will be different. Firstly, because I have a job by then and there will be a lot of new people to think of gifts for and to share Christmas greetings with. Plus I’m sure there’s going to be the office Christmas party, which is going to be my first.

I will be able to buy Christmas gifts for people now because I will have money by then: salary + Christmas bonus + thirteenth month pay (as my mom and brother told me on the last two), unless of course I end up spending them all before Christmas comes…I hope not. :p This will surely be fun, because I’ve never actually bought Christmas presents for my family and friends with my own money. Yeahba. :D

But why am I talking about Christmas when it’s not yet even September? Haha, pre-holiday excitement. Yeah.

On other news, I just found out my high school has a website: www.LorenzoRuiz.edu.ph . Interesting! And they have a catch phrase thing too, much like “Animo La Salle”: Semper Lorenzo. I asked what this means and a younger alumnus told me semper means “go”. Well…it’s certainly unique. ;)

Anyway, if you go to the website, most of the pictures there are mostly from my batch. You can even see my best friend during the CAT graduation. How cool is that? :P