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That McDonald's Commercial

I’m sure by now everyone has seen this commercial:


If you haven’t…well, you should. It’s McDonald’s newest commercial featuring childhood, first and (possibly) unrequited love. Shari explained the storyline quite well in her post about the same commercial, and I echo the entire “awww” factor even if I can’t relate fully ((HEP! The operative word here is fully. That doesn’t mean I can’t relate to it in some degree :P)) to the commercial. It’s probably the cutest and most bittersweet commercial that McDonald’s has ever made. :”>

Of course, when my teammates and I watched this yesterday, they all had these thoughts about how it might have been better if the two of them got together in the end…but that’s not the point of the commercial! It’s bittersweet! It’s unrequited first love! It’s love too late! It’s supposed to touch us in the parts that make us go “awww” and think of how it must have felt in the guy or the girl’s shoes. Like, how much did he love his first love? Did he pine for her all his life? Or maybe he’s also committed to someone already? Or what about the girl, did she feel regretful when she saw her old guy friend again? Did she ever wonder if he’s going to go for her or not and decide to move on when she realized he won’t?

Okay, someone was a bit too enthusiastic there, like she’s been seeing the effects of Solo Slim and raving. Heh, the sawi in me speaks. :P

Plus the commercial was tons better because of song they used. I’m not a really big Eraserheads fan, but the song is one from my tween’s, and it spells sentimentality that it makes me “Awww” even more. :P

The commercial was so poignant that I ended up writing a piece about it in Wordplay. It’s not a retelling in the girl’s point of view (although that’s a good idea for another Wordplay entry — must take note!), but something based on the idea of seeing old friends after a long time of not seeing them and wondering if there was something only to be slapped with reality. Aha, I know it’s so emo, but don’t we love these things? At least to some degree. ;)

Anyway, I better get to finishing today’s Wordplay entry. After a series of emo pieces, I think it’s time for something non-fiction and a bit more cheerful. :D