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Good Things and Good Times

You know what? I think I actually had a pretty good week.

I don’t mean to sound negative with that. I’m really od quite optimistic with the year, but sometimes it’s hard to remember the good things when things go hectic. It’s easy to remember the bad things that happen because they somehow overshadow the good things, like getting good rv breakdown rates or something.

I used to make this list everyday in my journal which I call The Positives. This list contains the positive things that happen within the day, from the simplest (having KFC for dinner, for example), to something really big (passing an exam). Right now I’m feeling the edges of some kind of sadness, which I can probably blame on hormones, so to combat that sadness, I’m going to go through the good things that happened this week. Ready?

  • Getting sick over the weekend had its perks: I got to rest. Having asthma may be a hassle and kind of expensive, but it’s okay because I think I actually had restful sleep this week even if I had to go up and pee every now and then. :)
  • Had a chance to write again. I joined some groups at work where I can make use of my writing skillz. :P It was fun writing and editing stuff again, even if I had no idea if my press release is any good. Oh and someone said, “I like the way she writes.” Thank you. :)
  • I got to work out again! Wednesday was back to work out day. Armed with my inhaler, I did Body Balance and Body Jam and I didn’t wheeze one bit. :)
  • Shakey’s twice this week: one for Jana’s birthday and the next for the team lunch. Awesome. Greasy and fattening, but awesome. :)
  • Oh and despite all the non-work out and the food…I actually lost weight. Okay, I didn’t really lose on my overall weight, but I lost 1lb of body fat, which is good, and gained about 2lbs of muscle…which is also good. Surprising, too.
  • It was my last session with my nutritionist last Thursday and she gave me a lot of good advice on how to continue my progress. New goal: 125lbs by March. Can I do this? I hope so! I’m keeping a food diary on my own and continuing my workouts. I thought I wouldn’t be able to have weigh-ins anymore because I’m not paying for any session, but it turns out I can get weighed in so I know what my body fat is. So yay for this. :)
  • I got to talk to my boss about my rating for 2009…and I am happy about it. I can’t talk about it, but I’m happy about it. Thank You, Lord. :)
  • I found out that a friend passed his NCLEX exam. :) It’s so nice to hear good news from other people, right? Congratulations!
  • I was checking my bank account earlier and noticed that God answered one of my prayers! Now I can pay my bills. :) Thank You again Lord. :)
  • Now I’m talking to my friends from work and the conference is crazy but fun. :) I love these people so much that I’m actually staying up late for them. :D

Tomorrow (or later), I’ll be going to the gym, dance, and will register to my first marathon of the year! Then I’ll meet up with my best friend and watch Legion to celebrate her graduating status. :)

Good times, good times. I have to remember this so I won’t get carried away with all the other not-so-good things that are happening. :) It’s good practice for the soul, me thinks.

Happy weekend everyone! :)