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On Oscars, and books becoming movies

So I woke up late again today because I slept early this morning, and the first thing I saw on TV was the Oscars on TV, which I ended up watching for the last one and a half hours in the comfort of our leather home theater seating (…which is how I liked to imagine it). :P Now, I’m not really much for foreign actors and actresses (heck, even local) as I’m not much of a movie watcher who remembers who the actors and actresses were unless I really loved the movie…so it wasn’t such a big thing for me. But I enjoyed watching the show, especially during Jon McLaughlin’s performance of So Close (Enchanted! ♥).

This made me remember my younger years when the “best” writing I can do was all done in scripts. I used to write Sailormoon episodes in script format back in elementary, where I made sure their new powers came out in my stories. When I stepped in high school, I became the default scriptwriter for our Ibong Adarna, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo plays and the Florante at Laura video. I loved doing it even if it required me to read ahead, because I get to deliver the story in dialog, which our books totally lacked back then. In college, we had a video production class, where I wrote a 25-page script for class, and then another one for our finals. I think that’s one of the reasons why I have a hard time writing descriptions in my novels. All the dialog in the scriptwriting made me rely on dialog. :P

I think that’s also the reason why I can see some — if not all — of my stories being filmed. At least in my imagination. Complete with soundtrack. Haha. I can imagine scenes that seemed to look better when done live than on paper. Or maybe that’s just my lack of descriptive powers (as of now) that’s making it like that.

I think it would be really cool to have your written works on screen…even if they sometimes butcher it. Heh. My friend Chris did that to one of my works in high school, which I never got to watch so I didn’t know how it turned out. ^^; But seriously, I’d love to have anything I’ve written be acted out. It doesn’t even have to be in Hollywood — it can be just in our local cinemas. Fall Like Rain? Whee.

But first, I have to finish writing that. :D

Enough of the daydreaming; I should get ready. Shopping with mom in a while! :)

Side comment: Ack, I feel like my writing is so…disorganized. I feel like I can’t gather my thoughts correctly and write them down on the blog. Eh, this is what stress does, I knew it.


Last night, while I was busy waiting for HoMM5 to finish downloading, I decided to drop by this old LiveJournal community I used to be a part of last 2006 just for kicks, since I did not join it on purpose this year because I know I would forget about it and I wouldn’t be able to do it. What is it, exactly?

The LJ community is named Embodiment, a year-long project to write one journal entry a day for the entire year. It’s a really cool project which I totally failed when I first joined. Heh. People post ideas for posts, and these lovely photos of their journals, where I suddenly feel insecure of because I couldn’t be as artistic as they are. I loved seeing the photos, reading some of their entries and seeing how they decorate it all, using all kinds of things from receipts to rub ons to stickers to newspapers, drawing with various mediums such as pencils, bic pens, colored pencils, crayons, watercolor…basically anything that writes. There was one journal entry there that spoke of heartache, and it was just a green page with a heart in the middle, which looked like it was bleeding and the words, “It still hurts.” Ah, so painful, yet so beautiful. They made artsy pages about finding themselves, their family, letting go, dating a guy named Neil, school, new beginnings, and…so many things.

It’s too late to join the project (sadly), but I just checked my offline journal and I realized I’ve managed to write one entry per day for the past twenty-eight days. Interesting. Most of them are prayers/quotes, while some are actual entries which talk about…well, personal stuff.

As I read the entries on the Embodiment LJ community, it strikes me again how…bright and sunshiney I can be. I swear. I can’t remember ever writing any angsty entries in my journal (lovesick ones, yes, but not that angsty or emo…I cringe whenever I write anything emo –;)…most are positive stuff. Like there’s a better day tomorrow and things will be okay and all that. Not that that isn’t okay…it’s just…I don’t know, nice, I guess. Nice how I can still write in my journal even if I’m reallY okay — more okay than the other journals I read online, at least.

I used to ask myself before, when the main reason of my journaling was because of some heartache, if I would still journal if life is all okay. If I don’t have some boy I’m pining for, if my heart doesn’t feel like it’s about to be crushed anytime by my own expectations. What if I actually had a love life…would I even write at all?

I stopped writing regularly in my journal for about half a year, especially when I started my new job. I was more concentrated into blogging, and it was only lately I started writing again. It made me realize that it’s not always about love lives. I admit that I end up writing a bit more in my journal when there’s someone tugging at my heartstrings, but I have a feeling that even if that specific part of my life is okay, something else will come up. And it will be worth writing about…especially when I need to unload. Because everyone needs something to vent out on, and this is one of the best ways, yes?

So I guess we could call this journal (and the next few blanks I have in my drawer waiting to be filled) a mini Embodiment-like project for myself. I’ve always loved reading through old journals (even if it makes me cringe so much!), and it would be really cool to have journals to chronicle the entire year, right? Especially this Big, Fun and Scary Year, right? :D It may not be as artsy…but still, it’s my journal, and that should count for something. :)

Once, I was a magazine model

I was meaning to clean my room today, but I’m not in the mood to do so just yet. I will later, promise. Or at least, I will get started on it by finally removing the clothes I haven’t been wearing already (not my style or they don’t fit anymore). But before that, I had this sudden burst of nostalgia and I decided to pull out my old magazines and got this particular one out:

LIVEtheLIFE magazine

Ganns! Rick! JM! Trish! Remember this? :)

LIVEtheLIFE magazine is Ganns’ brainchild. It’s a magazine for Filipino youth, which, according to the tag line, is Relevant reading for the lifestyle with a purpose. Simply speaking, it’s a Christian glossy magazine. I remember all the meetings we used to have for this, as well as the email trails and even the launch we had (but I did not get to attend to) at Shepherd’s Voice in Greenbelt. I remember the photo shoots, the planning and the ideas thrown around. I even had grand dreams of us having an office eventually, where we’d be having brainstorming sessions and studio photo shoots and whatnot.

What’s really special about this issue (besides it being the first and only issue) is that this is my first time to be published in a magazine, not only as a writer but as a…er, model.

Yes dear friends, I was once a magazine model. :P

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I loved that movie (I’m referring to the post title). You know, where there’s a gigantic worm eating up people who walk on the desert ground and they made it explode at the end?

Anyway, today was another busy day at work, which what things have been for the past few weeks. I’m so busy I can hardly write in my novel this week, and this is supposed to be crunch time. Hay life. Today our team had to finish this photo book that some people asked us to do for this big boss who came to town. It felt like thesis all over again, where some of my teammates pulled all nighters while I went on day shift today just to help them. Such is life. Good thing I like my job and I’m used to these things that’s why it doesn’t bother me (although my seriously whacked body clock is).

So lunchtime today, my YFC Docu household “anak” came over for an interview and we had lunch. We bought food for some of my teammates and when we got back, the first thing they said was, “Did you feel the earthquake?”

We were, “Was there an earthquake?”

Apparently, it was really strong at our floor (we were at the 9th floor). I hardly felt anything while I was in KFC, where there’s a lot of people, and I don’t think the people lining up with me felt anything too. Everyone was asking about that then, and I felt like such a loser for not feeling it.

Or…not really. I’m the kind of person who sleeps through an earthquake, you know? There was this particular magnitude 7.0 or something earthquake a few years back that happened at night, and I slept right through it. I do remember hearing my parents waking up and saying that the ground is shaking, but I thought it was just a dream…when I woke up and went to mass, it was all they could talk about. I can be such a sound sleeper that I can sleep through anything, even if it’s a radio on a stereo cabinet playing really loud music. And that’s kind of weird too, since when I’m awake and it’s silent, I feel earthquakes easily.

I wonder why I can write so much about an earthquake when I can’t even churn out 2000+ words in my novel. Gah. This means I should write now.

Last week of night shift! But I think I’m going mid tomorrow since my body clock is still whacked. I can’t wait to go back to day shift on Monday.

Last comment before I go: my mom’s watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2, and they just played Everything’s Right by Matt Wertz. Coolness. Okay, I go write now.

Crazy November

Gah. I just woke up from a five hour nap. It’s fine, of course, but the thing is, I need to be at work early tomorrow, so I don’t need any naps today since I won’t be staying up all night. Ergh. I was supposed to have a productive afternoon writing, but no. Hmph.

Anyway, I’m too lazy to update this other blog (been too lazy lately to update any other blog, for that matter), so I’ll rant and update about my NaNoWriMo novel here. I’m currently at 36k+ words, which is not bad since I’m over the 35K thing, which should make all things easy…but really, it’s not. I’m aiming to get at least 40k words tonight, which means I have 10k words left to write for the next four days. Why four days? I’m going to be out on Friday for MV Doulos, All Leopard Day and lunch with Tuesday and Happy. I could cram writing at night, but not more than 1000 words please.

So why am I going to work early tomorrow when I’m still at night shift? Well, a big boss at work is coming to town, and my team was asked to help out with making a photo book for the guy. Two of my teammates were assigned as photographers, two of my teammates will work as the layout artists and we have a printer and a photobook that needs to be filled up. I offered my services to cut and paste them in the photobook (even if I seriously suck at cutting…but that’s why I offered my paper trimmer up as well :D). My part of the deal starts in the afternoon, so I could just go to work then, but I’ve got leftover work from another client at work (argh, argh, argh), and I need to finish it ASAP so if I have any revisions I could finish it immediately…hence my drive to get to work early to finish that first before any of the photo book stuff. *whew*

I knew November was going to be crazy, but this is…just…crazy. See emphasis, please.

This feels so much like school. Haha. Crunch time!

This point is totally senseless. But I guess the nap worked because I feel like I’m running on a full battery, so that should get more work done. Here’s to writing 4000 more words tonight.

But wait. CSI:NY Season 4 Episode 9 waits. Eeep.

Don't get it right, get it written

It’s no secret that I dream of being a writer. In fact, I call myself a striving writer because that’s what I am. I don’t have any fancy degrees in Creative Writing or anything related, and I know my English is not as strong as I want it to be. To be honest, I just write what comes to mind, and I’m sure I don’t win high points in any grammar book. My vocabulary is too limited, and I feel envious of people who write really well. I may seem like a good writer to other people, but if I was put beside all the other “good writers” around, I’d most probably suck real bad.

So last Saturday’s writing workshop was actually a big encouragement for me wannabe er, striving writer. Like I said, I don’t have fancy degrees. Reading classics make my head ache sometimes, and I hardly touch science fiction or fantasy because just like classics, I find it a bit hard to digest (yes, I’ve never read any LotR). I hardly have time to acquire and read Filipino literature (except for Bob Ong, hee!). I admit that I love ChickLit, and some people think that’s shallow. I love Young Adult too. My stories are all happy bubbly type of stories, which is why I quit the school’s literary folio back in college because I felt like my stories do not fit what they usually publish (that and I do not have time). I’ve pretty much given up hope being a writer until I got to know about National Novel Writing Month, where I finally found the reason to write and be creative at least once a year. And since the topic was pretty much about writing a novel in 30 days since Dean is also a Wrimo (and I just realized! A batchmate! I joined NaNo in 2004 too :D), the talk pretty much pushed the right buttons for inspiration. :P

Last Saturday’s workshop with Dean Alfar was an eye-opening and inspiring one. It made me want to learn more about the craft, to actually take this writing business seriously. It’s not going to pay any of my bills, but it’s what I’ve been wanting to do ever since I “met” Elizabeth Wakefield of Sweet Valley, and I don’t think I’ll ever really rest well without being able to fulfill my dream of publishing at least one fiction novel. As what I told Julie the other day, I’m really afraid of my works being shot down, but that’s necessary for the growth as a writer. It won’t kill me. Great adventure, yes?

So…by hook or by crook, I’m gonna get to 50,000 words on this year’s NaNo. I’m going to finish this novel (and finish last year‘s too), and write, write, write. Of course, read, read, read too. Because if I’m not going to write about the things I see and how I see these things, then who will?

Onward, Pinoy Wrimos! :)

* Much thanks to Read or Die/Write or Die for this great initiative. :D Mabuhay kayo!


I’ve bene staring at Flash MX all day, it’s not funny anymore. Wah. I’ve never been so lazy to program ever, but maybe it’s because I’ve been distracted with NaNoWriMo (if you don’t know what this is again, it’s National Novel Writing Month) all day.

NaNoWriMo 2007 ParticipantYes, it’s almost that time of the year again. The time where I temporarily disappear from posting because I need to put in words in my novel and when I do post, it’s always about the novel I’m currently writing.I’ve talked about it a couple of times before in this blog, but I’ve concentrated most of my updates in my official NaNo blog, which you can visit right here.

Why do I keep on talking about this? Well, besides the fact that this is an excuse for me to be creative, I am the Municipal Liaison for the Philippines for NaNoWriMo this year, so I’m definitely encouraging people to join up. If you’re a NaNo-er and you’re from the Philippines and you haven’t made your presence known at the boards yet, then do so now! Make sure you set your regional affiliations to Asia :: Philippines so you can see the Philippines forum. If you’re a newbie and you just decided to join, you’re more than welcome to do so. :) You’ll also get some free stickers if you do (I’m serious). We’ll be having a big meet-up at the end of the month, so the more people, the merrier! :) Join the creative insanity! :)

Now the only thing that’s kind of bothering me right now is that I’ll be going to Singapore on Friday, which means my writing will be halted a bit because of the travelling thing. I won’t be bringing Ginger there because I don’t want to bring too many stuff, but I obviously want to write…so I guess it’s pen and paper for me for the entire weekend. Unless I can hostage my dad’s laptop for the weekend, OR, if I can get my Aslan by that weekend, then that would be so much better. :) Let’s see.

Oh, and aside from all the novel-related posts, expect a post about Singapore complete with photos. We’ll be bringing a couple of digital cameras there (yes, more than one — our normal digicam, a borrowed dSLR, and my brother’s video cam), so I’ll be breaking the monotony of my words with photos. Or maybe in my way to preserve the words I churn out everyday, I’ll just make a photo post. Whichever.

Okay, back to preparing for NaNo. :) Excuse me a bit while I talk to my characters.

NaNoWriMo 2007 Notes

Sorry for the long nonpost. I was bombarded with lots of work, plus extra rakets here and there that I have to do (FOR ASLAN! More to this on a future post). Truth be told I really don’t have anything noteworthy to post right now so I thought I’d share to the world er, my readers (whoever you are) my upcoming NaNoWriMo 2007 novel ideas.

  • The working title of the novel is Red Meets Blue, much thanks to Matt Wertz for the lovely song. This is the second time I’m using a song as a title, the first time with A Page is Turned. I chose this (for now) because the colors red and blue means a lot of different things, which is sort of how my characters are — one is red, one is blue, but not in the traditional red-is-female-blue-is-male thing. :)
  • The tentative genre for now is Mainstream Fiction. It’s not exactly the chicklit and it’s not young adult either…it’s a mix of chicklit/ladlit (I think?), religious and romance…so I go for a somewhat vague genre.
  • I have two main characters, one female and one male. The female is Marianne Venia and the male is David de Gracia. Ooh, both surnames end with ‘a’. Anyway, they’re around 25 to 27 years old, both of them live in the same/near each other’s condo hotels somewhere in the Metro.
  • Marianne is a tough chick. Half European (which exactly is yet to be determined) and half Filipina, sings and plays the piano on random times, and no day job yet. She’s also an atheist/agnostic (not yet sure, will get back at this) and does whatever she wants to do because she wants it. Her dad left them when she was young, and her mom died soon after and she was taken by her aunts to be taken care of.
  • David is your regular nice guy. He goes to church, volunteers for causes, and is someone everyone gets along with. He’s also the manager and guitarist of Chasing Daylight (tentative name), an upcoming rock band. He’s quite strict with his personal standards and hangs out with the “right crowd,” which he grew up in.
  • Other characters are: April, the lead singer of Chasing Daylight and David’s close friend (see the emphasis), Nathan, David’s best friend and Chasing Daylight’s drummer, a yet to be determined famous band who will be having a concert which Chasing Daylight will be the front act, Marianne’s sort-of-boyfriend/fling…and so far…that’s it. Oh, some people will also be making a cameo appearance in the novel. ;)
  • The main plot is: band gets signed to play front act for a really popular band but female vocalist leaves for an emergency. Band could not back out, so they have to find a female vocalist. Nathan finds Marianne, who everyone loves but David dislikes because (although he doesn’t admit it) he think she’s not worth his attention because she doesn’t believe in God. Personalities clash and in the process, Marianne and David learns about God’s love, forgiveness and grace. Like what I told Grace earlier: This is what cheesy stories are made of. Hah.

And that’s it for now. For more NaNoWriMo 2007 goodness (tips, news and whatnot), hop over to More than Bitesized Fiction, my newly opened NaNoWriMo blog. :)

Tenth and Third Month, New Writing and Rains

Hello, it’s October! I’m still sort of swamped at work, but I thank my teammates for taking some of the load (Hi Mike!) off me. This is one of the moments I know that I am not a designer but a programmer. :D So thank you. Tomorrow I have a training and then a commercial shoot for our upcoming Townhall. Busy, busy, busy days, really, but it’s fun. I did get kind of stressed earlier, but it’s all good. :)

I told myself I’ll start playing Christmas songs come October, but I haven’t been playing them because I couldn’t find my CDs. Hmph. I know I kept them somewhere in my room, but I really can’t remember. Too bad. I’ll find them, I know, but maybe next week. Those Christmas songs can wait. :P

And speaking of months…it just occured to me that I’ve been in my company for three months as of today! Wohoo, happy third month! Interesting how I feel like I’ve been here too long already. Hmm. But it’s fun and it’s starting to get stressful, but I like it. :) How many times have I said that? :P

I managed to squeeze out some creative juices earlier and finally updated Bitesized Fiction after how many months of it being dead. It’s something that hit me as I was walking to meet my brother at the mall. I feel like my grammar was all over the place and it is overflowing with cheesiness, so forgive me if you can’t stand all the cheese. :P And speaking of writing, I need ideas for my next NaNoWriMo novel!

It’s been raining since yesterday and I am listening to some songs that shouldn’t be listened to during rainy days. What kind of songs? Well, if you read my latest post here, it lies along the lines of those. :P Haha I don’t know if I’m torturing myself with this, but a part of me is enjoying all the mushiness of the songs. *sings* Yeah, that’s what you do when you love someone. Awww. ♥

Good night everyone!

Writing memories in Florida

This is a sponsored post.

Back in elementary to high school, I used to write this story about a group of girls and their little adventures. Their adventures included my main protagonist moving into town and meeting new friends but turns out they weren’t good friends, forming clubs which are against each other, winning a trip to another country, ventriloquism, ice skating, a new guy joining their “club”, and of course, having famous cousins who keep on appearing in the stories like they’re not really busy people. :P

Eventually those stories evolved and I removed some characters and those iffy clubs, but they were still quite young and so Sweet Valley-ish. But can you blame me? I grew up with Sweet Valley books, I end up writing like that. ;) Of course, Sweet Valley is located in California while mine is all the way to the other coast, my favorite state (then), Florida. How I loved Florida then. ;)

Now time for some revelations. Who are those famous cousins? Yep, it’s the Backstreet Boys. :P My main protagonist was named Danielle Littrell, who is Brian Littrell’s first cousin and Nick Carter’s second cousin by baptism (yes, I made them Catholic :p). Danielle was supposed to be this rich and unspoiled girl with one of the biggest houses in their town. I even designed her house in one of the architecture programs we used to have. :P I was so fixated with Orlando, Florida because of the Backstreet Boys that I wanted to go there and there alone. Never mind if Tampa real estate may have better looking homes than Orlando, I wanted them to live there even if it’s highly unrealistic. :P

Hey, I’m the writer and I was still young when I wrote that, gimme a break. ;)

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