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3 Word Wednesday # 1 at Bitesized Fiction

As a way of practicing my writing skills, I opened up this little blog I call Bitesized Fiction. This is inspired by maganda.org‘s fr gm nts, although mine is a bit longer than it should be, I think. :P

Anyway, I put up a couple of entries already, and today I joined 3 Word Wednesday (even if it’s already a Thursday here). Three word Wednesday is:

Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I’ll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Today’s three words are: packed, cozy and anticipation. What I wrote is some sort of an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo 2006 novel, a scene to be placed somewhere near the end. It’s written in third person and it’s barely edited so excuse the wrong grammars, discontinuity and whatnot. :P


The afternoon sun cast golden rays down the bustling streets of Ortigas. While some of the people got ready to leave their workplaces and others enjoyed a cozy afternoon coffee with some friends, Rain De Castro was in her condominium unit, busy packing her things for her upcoming move-slash-trip to Sydney, Australia. As she stood in the middle of her room, looking thoughtfully at the piles of clothing and other things in her room, the doorbell rang.

Ding dong!

“Come in, it’s open!” Rain yelled from her bedroom, not moving from her spot. She heard the door open and footsteps moving toward her bedroom and stopped at the doorway.

“Wow, and I always thought I was messy,” the newcomer commented. Rain looked up and saw her younger cousin and housemate for the past month, Lissa, clad in her usual black and silver rocker-chick ensemble. She leaned against the white doorframe, lips curved in an amused smile.

Read (and comment) the entire piece here –>

Search Keywords for Refine Me

I check my SiteMeter and FireStats referrals almost everyday because I am always on the lookout to see whoever gave linklove to my blog (and yes, I’m a bit narcissistic with regards to my blog :p). Jomar once told me that I’d probably see my niche based on my search words…so let’s see what my possible niche is. :P

More to come in Part 2. :P For now I shall go back to watching Heroes (my officemate is right, Heroes is like Pringles: once you pop, you can’t stop!) in one of the same links I posted above.

Oh, and before I go, mind if you take a bite at some Bitesized Fiction? :) Now open!

First Day Burnout

Is it possible to be burned out for NaNoWriMo on the first day? :(

I’ve written 6000+ words for today and that’s good progress, but I feel like I’m blabbing too much on the first few scenes. Then again, this is NaNo and I’m permitted to blab and blab to reach the word count.

I just feel like Rain (my main character) is being too talkative without showing too much character. I think I talk too much for my main character instead of showing things about my main character’s life.

But I should turn off this inner editor of mine who’s talking to me right now. I should turn it off. Should should should.

Maybe I’m more conscious of my writing because I’m actually using a novelling tool — yWriter — instead of plain old MS Word, which I’ve used for the past two years.

Things should look better for the next days and I need to churn out more creative juices if I want to finish this. And yes, I still have to tie up the plots to make them more solid. Haha. As much as I did a lot of preparation for this year’s NaNo, I feel so unprepared. Maybe it’s because this year, I’m pulling most of the things out of thin air, it’s hard to write without bias.

I can do this! I think I’m going to need to make chapter descriptions by tomorrow or when I have free time that isn’t occupied by work.

And pray, of course. I should not forget that!

Work again tomorrow! At least it’s Thursday. And Friday’s just around the corner. :)

Halloween pre-writing

It’s Halloween and some of my friends who are working are on half day today. I’m itching to go home already — and I have about less than 3 hours before I can finally say goodbye to this working day. I think it’s because tomorrow is a non-working holiday that I just want to go home and plan my NaNoWriMo novel and get ready for tomorrow’s writing bonanza.

And I’m supposed to be in a meeting right now. But I’m not. Oops.

I want to go hoooome. Although…some said there might be some people trick or treating here today. That should be interesting. Haha.

Anyway. It’s the last day of October and tomorrow is the first day of the National Novel Writing Month! There is another reason for November 1 being a holiday (here in the Philippines, at least), is that because it’s the start of an all-month writing frenzy. 50,000 words in a month. Call me crazy, but I love every bit of it. :) From the early headstart of more than the scheduled word count per day to the weekly emails of encouragement, to the people from the NaNo boards, to the downtime sometime around the third week and to the finish at the end of November. True, it’s okay if you don’t get to finish up to 50K words…but it’s so much fun if you can do so! :)

I’ve posted about my novel twice (one, two), and I have a page full of notes for it in my planner, but I still feel so unprepared. My main character’s pretty solid already and I think she can stand on her own after a while, but I still need to give characters to her brother, her best friends and some of her cousins who will be making appearances in the novel. Plus her boss, one annoying officemate and some possible love life angles here and there. My plot feels so scattered too, and though I know the start and the end of my novel, I don’t know how to bridge the two. HELP!!!

This means I should focus on this one tonight. I must!

I won’t be putting up a separate blog for this like I did the past two years (and I never updated them after posting Chapter 4, haha!). Instead, I’ll just be posting some excerpts of the novel here in this blog during the month, as well as some progress reports here and there. You’ll see my NaNo widget over there (look at sidebar!) where you can see the number of words I have written so far. :)

Wohoo. And yes, I am also thinking of how the heck I am going to write given the work I am about to be given starting next month. It’s part of the thrill. Haha. Again, I’m crazy. :P

On other news. Like I mentioned, work is coming this month, and I’ll be doing some things under supervision of a vendor…which scares me a bit because I don’t know if I’m ready just yet. There’s still a part of me that’s afraid of messing up, and I really wish it would go away because I know I’d end up messing up if I keep on thinking that way. :-s

More thoughts on this on the next post. In the meantime, I shall go and read some slides I need to study, which should be easier than writing phentermine reviews. :) I might get interrupted anytime now and I won’t be able to post this.

4:01pm! Two and a half hours till quitting time!

Life in a book

Right now I’m reading Flabbergasted by Ray Blackston. What I love about books is that I get to plunge into something other than my own world, to see and be a part another person’s adventures even if that person is fictional. Not that I don’t like my life right now; I just always welcome a break. It’s like when you watch a movie: life on the big screen seems so…perfect, that you wish you are living the same life too.

Two weeks into work and I’ve been thinking about how I am going to spend the rest of my life. That sounds really deep, I know. I could blame it on this particular page in my planner which has “Big Thoughts” written on it and since I’ve been allowing myself to dream BIG, I wrote down some things I want to accomplish in my life, namely:

  • I want to write. I want to be able to publish at least two books and let people see what I see with my words.
  • I want to see the world. I want to travel.

Simple? Kinda. I’m still allowing myself to “dream” and so far I got those two, which is generally what I want to do in my life as of now. I’m young, so let me dream. :P

Anyway, the thing with reading books is that sometimes I start to wish that I live inside a book. Not literally, Thursday Next style (though I wouldn’t mind that! :p). I want to be able to live some part of my life like the way book characters do. It’s like wishing to have your own fairy tale, only it’s probably chick-lit style. Gets?

I always wonder where life would take me the next few years. Would I be amazingly famous and be known all over the world? Would I be living in my dream house with a wonderful family? Would I be climbing the corporate ladder and making big time decisions here and there? Would I even start to understand things about stocks and businesses? Would I be a missionary, meeting people all over the world and bringing the message of God’s love for those who need it the most?

There are so many possibilities in my life, and I have to admit that I’m afraid to miss out on a lot of things. On the contrary, I am afraid of taking risks, and I still don’t know if I’d recognize an opportunity even if it bites me on the nose. I do think, however, that adds spice to my life. As Ate Bev mentioned last night, God doesn’t give you everything you want just so you’d still come thirsty for Him. God is giving me these specific kinds of moments in my life to give room for Him to create magic in it. For Him to amaze me and surprise me, for Him to let me see that He is amazing.

And you know? I wouldn’t mind that. Being surprised, I mean. I’ve always wanted to be surprised.

Maybe my life isn’t like those novels I read. But I think…I wouldn’t trade this one to be a character in any book.

Unless of course if it’s a book based on myself, written by me. ;)