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FINALLY. This long long week is over. My past week has been filled with essentially non-work related stuff since my time has been eaten up by extra-curriculars. I tried squeezing in some work in between (which almost got me in trouble, but was resolved much thanks to “teh master”)…but now it’s over, and I can finally focus on real work. :D I missed that. Hah.

My Valentine’s Day was actually quite surprising, besides the entire tiring bit. I got to work and immediately started delivering flowers, leaving them on the tables of the night shift people since it’s only day shift and seeing the delighted smiles of the girls (and some boys) who received flowers from their co-employees. It was kind of hard to see other people who’d look at us wistfully because they haven’t received anything. If only I could afford it, I’d give something to everyone…and believe me, I know how it feels to be left out on this day.

Interestingly, it was really nice to be able to make people smile on Valentine’s. It’s true that there’s more joy in giving, which is why no matter how tiring the entire flower delivery thing was, it was still fulfilling. :)

But the next time we do that, I’ll make sure we have all their workstation numbers. Heh.

Happy VDay :D My Vday was actually quite…nice. The nicest I’ve had for the longest time. I did buy flowers, but I never got the chance to give them — I didn’t even get to hold them. There was a shortage of flowers for the serenade service, so I offered mine for the use. Alvin surprised me with one rose though, and I really appreciated it even if I snapped at him at first because of the bad mood. Heh. Then after one batch of delivery, I headed back to my desk and saw two more flowers on my table. One was actually Gel’s, which she left on my table, while the other one was mine (pictured on the right, fuzzy picture by Captain Tal). Both our flowers were from Rosco, our resident flower guy who barely had any sleep for the week. :) Thank you!

But what really clinched the day was the surprise at night, which turned out to be a non-surprise after Alvin spilled. Haha. I was finally sitting at my table, working when I called Alvin to tell him that Ron was already there, then he tells me what’s about to happen. A little while later they were starting to crowd behind me, then Gel taps my shoulder to get my attention and I say, “Is it time to react now?”

Long story short, Gel made my “dream” come true: I got serenaded for Valentine’s Day, much thanks to IBM Club. :) Altogether now, awwww! :”> Even if I was spoiled of the thing beforehand, I enjoyed it very much. :D Thank you!

So there was my February 14. It was tiring, yes, but it was also the nicest Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. :) I spoke too soon, yes, and I am very thankful that the day wasn’t what I expected it. Thank You Lord, for making me smile on that day.

Life is now back to normal, with me having to focus on one of my other extracurricular stuff at work and my real work, and finding ways to cut my spending as I had a lot to pay for this month (I wrote my biggest check ever last payday! Eeep) — from Aslan and Triskal payments, life insurance, credit card bills and the everyday expenses, and I still have to buy a dress and a gift for a friend’s wedding in the next month…so I have no time to even look at home insurance quotes, not only because I don’t have money, but because I don’t need it yet.

Now I’m about to indulge myself in MTV’S Daria, which I finally finished downloading last night — all five seasons! :)

I hope everyone has a great Sunday. :)

Pre-Valentine's Chuvaness

I seem to be using all kinds of bakla language recently (no offense to anyone). Chuvaness, eklavu, churva...I blame it on the radio show my brother and I sometimes listen to, as well as some SFC people who got me into this. :P Haha.

Today is a pretty boring day in the office, mostly because the big bosses are in the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. So us underlings are left here, doing…well, our usual jobs. But it’s relatively light as compared to having them around. :P When the cats are away, the mice will play? Not entirely. ;)

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and yes, I just have to stress those words. It’s going to be my 20th Valentine’s Day as a single (I count from the day I was born), and I am curious as to how things will be tomorrow. Since I’m pretty much busy with work (plus the fact that I’m single), I’m not into any Valentine’s hoopla as much as the next person. Although I am planning to wear red tomorrow just to be in the “spirit of the season”. You know. ;)

Come on, it’s no fun being bitter! No more black, let’s wear red!

Haha, seriously, I’m not trying to psych myself up for tomorrow so I won’t have to deal with whatever bitterness or whatever (redundant!) that might be tomorrow. I won’t act all bubbly by saying I am not even a bit envious of the people going on dates tomorrow, or pretending that I don’t really want to receive any gift tomorrow…but I won’t also keep on wishing that because I’d only feel sad. Am I making sense? It makes sense to me. :P

Tomorrow there will be more Valentine’s churva in the office — dating stuff by votes, hearts games, love bingo and whatnot. I’m curious. :P Although I kind of miss being able to watch all those serenading sessions in school. The thrill of someone knocking at your classroom door, asking permission to serenade someone, and every girl in the class is holding their breath wishing that it would be for them but also wishing that it’s not because it’s embarrassing. Haha. Sadly, I never experienced that. ;) But it’s okay. My time will come.

Of course, the serenading won’t be in school anymore…sooo…

I will go home in twenty minutes! But we have a vendor here and I think I am supposed to wait for him to go? Pleaaaaase go already! Haha I want to go home early to work on some site stuff, for this project my friends and I are launching tomorrow. Plus some birthday greetings and other freelance stuff I should have worked on today but I didn’t. Thank God for free time.

More churva and eklavu tomorrow (now I’m sure that didn’t make sense).

Oh, and I want a new layout already. Hmm.