That's My Answer! # 1

Let’s have some mindless fun again before I talk about my long, long book fair day. :) This quick survey is taken from the That’s My Answer meme for September 1. :)

What is the amount of the largest check you’ve ever held in your hands?

Not counting my college tuition fee, the largest amount I’ve ever held in my hands that is actually mine was my first paycheck for our first freelance project. It was actually our thesis, which we sold to a publishing company. They paid my thesismates and I a huge amount of dough, which could definitely buy more than a couple of vessel sinks if only we didn’t spend it for our personal luxuries. ;) Haha. Of course that one’s been a year old already, and it’s been spent…most of it.

As for the project…well, I’d rather not talk about it just yet because it’s another long story which is not something to be talked about yet.

What about you? :)