That's My Answer! # 4

This is another semi-brainless post (because I’m feeling kind of sick, boo), much thanks to That’s My Answer. This is an answer to their first question for today:

How fidgety are you?

It depends on the situation. When I’m being interviewed or something, I can be fidgety. It would be only after the entire thing when I’d realize how much my hand moved or how my fingers played with the envelope or something that I’m carrying (like for instance, I was at this job interview, and I kept on opening and closing my plastic envelope. I left the office with my envelope’s lip broken :p). And speaking of interviews, I also realized that I don’t maintain straight eye contact. I look at the person’s eyes, then focus on another spot and talk and then look back at the person. Is that weird?

Other instances where I can be fidgety is when I’m really nervous (not when I’m talking to my crush or anyone I’m particularly fond of — I react differently there :p), like when I am supposed to do something but didn’t do it, or when the home lighting on the particular place where I am is too hot or too bright or too annoying. Also when I’m sleepy or excited or something, I tend to fidget a lot.

Hm. So am I a fidgety person? I hope not.

One thought on “That's My Answer! # 4”

  1. I notice I sometimes get fidgety on-stage during the worship songs of the Sunday service. It’s like all that excess joy needs some time to simmer down.

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