Thursday what?

I’m too tired to write my Thursday Thirteen. Which is weird because I didn’t actually do a lot of things at the office today (but today has been my most productive day so far this week), but I am just too tired to think. Next week, maybe? Hopefully I have my computer set up at the office already (aba dapat lang!) by that time so I will be able to think during lull times at there. Besides, my ISP is not cooperating with me today.
Did that just make sense? I think I am not.

Anyway. I finished reading all Thursday Next novels and I think I kinda read it too fast, but that’s what happens when you’re in an office with nothing to do. I like The Well of Lost Plots a lot, and Lost in a Good Book is funny, but it kinda made my head swirl a bit. But I still love Jasper Fforde and I can’t wait to get the next Thursday Next (which will be released in two years or something) and to get a paperback copy of The Fourth Bear.

I think I better rest now. I need to get more sleep. Haha. My body clock needs more adjusting. :P Then again…TOMORROW’S FRIDAY! :) Yeahbah :D