Twilight Movie Trailer

Okay, altogether now…SQUEEEE!


Talk about Twilight yumminess. It really helped that when I was reading Twilight, I already knew Robert Pattinson was playing Edward, so it was easier for me to imagine him. He’s hot enough to burn a thick thick mattress! ♥

But you know who really caught my eye here?

Emmett. Suddenly I love him even more. Haha. Kellan Lutz is definitely Emmet. :P

I can’t wait for the movie all of a sudden. I should remember to re-read Twilight before the movie shows in December. =D

5 thoughts on “Twilight Movie Trailer”

  1. Hello! I’m visiting on behalf of the Page 123 meme, which requires me to tell you when I post my response.

    Though I agree that this actor totally fits Edward’s description, I was actually thinking of Henry Cavill while I was reading it (possibly due to my love of the Tudors show).

  2. i really hope the movie ia as good as the books me and a couple of my friends who read and love the series thinks that edward and bella should stay 2 gether if they broke up the whole series is pointless because thats how the story start thats how it should ends u r an amazing wrigther i love ur books especialy twlight series i cant wait until book 4 and the movie

  3. The actors “will do” but just not at par with the characters in the book… they should’ve spent more time looking for the right faces… they’re supposed to be ‘incredibly gorgeous’! I’m sure the acting will justify their parts in the film…hey, just my opinion :)

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