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Avenue Q

So this review is a few days late, sorry about that. I had a very long week, which resulted in my blogging absence…but let’s not talk about that. :P

Last Saturday, Julie made me a Front Row Girl again by getting me and other friends to watch the show she’d been swooning over since last year, Avenue Q. Now I have to admit, after reading a lot about the show from Lauren and Sorsi last year when they watched during the first run, I was already curious, but I found the ticket prices too expensive. But after watching Altar Boyz and enjoying the experience so much, I decided to give theater another chance.

So again, I watched Avenue Q last Saturday. And it was fabulous.

Avenue Q is a quirky, cute Sesame Street-like play where Princeton, a 22-year-old BA English fresh grad moves in to Avenue Q, ready to start his life on his own. From there we meet his wacky neighbors: Kate Monster, a kindergarten teaching assistant who crushes on Princeton, Brian, an out of work comedian living with his fiance, Christmas Eve, a Japanese therapist with no clients; roommates Nicky and Rod, who are complete opposites; Trekkie Monster who lives upstairs from Princeton and is a porn addict and Gary Coleman, ex-child actor and superintendent of the apartment units in Avenue Q. Oh, and there are also the cute Bad Idea Bears who show up every now and then to influence Princeton to do something else that he shouldn’t do and Lucy T. Slut, a night club singer who sets her sights on innocent Princeton.

The story deals mostly about the realities of life that people face once they’re out of college and into the real world. There’s the idealism of the graduate student as he sets out to conquer the world and looks for his purpose, the sweet experience of being in love and the bitterness of a heartbreak. There are also other issues that were touched into — love, premarital sex (yes, there is puppet nudity, which is why, even if this is a part of the show, I can’t give 5 stars to the show ^^; ), racism, homosexuality, sharing, how there is life outside your home or your apartment, no matter how big your problem is, the wish of every fresh grad to go back to college at some point, and the reality that finding someone’s purpose in life is a lifelong process. All these issues were tackled with a witty and sometimes sarcastic approach and in some way that although they are serious issues, you’d find yourself laughing at them after the next line they deliver.

It’s not really that applicable to the Filipino setting, where college graduates can still get away with staying at home for the next few months (or even years) after graduation playing with their Playstation 3 and not be scolded or forced to move out, but it’s very, very relatable especially for those who have no idea what to do in their life after graduating. I can especially identify with Kate Monster, who’s such a sweet character yet things don’t always go her way. :P

What’s interesting about the show is that there are only three human characters in the play, the rest are all played by puppets. Unlike in Sesame Street, where the actors behind the puppets are hidden, the actors behind the puppets are all onstage, mirroring the expressions of their puppets. I applaud all the actors and actresses of this run, most especially Felix Rivera (Princeton/Rod), Carla Guevarra (Kate Monster/Lucy T. Slut), Joel Trinidad (Trekkie Monster/Nicky/Bad Idea Bear) — the onstage chemistry between the actors and the puppets (especially Princeton and Kate!) were amazing. :) The actors without the puppets were great too, and I am absolutely starstruck with Aiza Seguerra (who played an awesome Gary Coleman). Sorry, childhood idol. :P

Although I love a lot of the songs in the play, this would have to be my favorite:

Christmas Eve: Do you know who get idea and collect All the money and buy building for you?

Kate Monster: Was it you?

Christmas Eve: No. It Princeton.

Kate Monster: Princeton? For me?

Princeton: You said you couldn’t make your dreams come true by yourself, so I shot for the stars…You’ve gotta go after the things you want while you’re still in your prime.

Kate Monster: There’s a fine, fine line between love…Thank you Princeton.

Princeton: So will you take me back, Kate?

Kate Monster: I’ll be so busy now, with all of the contractors and inspections and hiring teachers and choosing textbooks…

Princeton: Well, I could help you.

Kate Monster: Can we take it one day at a time?

Awww. :”>

Avenue Q is on its farewell run in Manila — be sure to catch the last shows this weekend! Details at the end of this post. SPREAD THE FUZZ!

Avenue Q The Farewell Run Venue
Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium at the RCBC Plaza (Sen Gil Puyat cor Ayala in Makati City).

Avenue Q Manila Ticket Prices Ticket prices (plus 3% surcharge for Ticketworld purchases)
Balcony Php 500
Loge Php 1,000
Orchestra Side Php 1,100
Orchestra Center Php 1,300

Where Can You Buy Tickets For your convenience, we have consigned tickets with Ticketworld where online purchases and major credit cards are accepted. Please call the Ticketworld Main Office at 891.9999 for reservations.

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