What You Want, What You Get

day five.

I meant to blog this last night but I was too lazy to bring out Teo, plus it was late and I needed to sleep.

So I was browsing through Twitter last night and this tweet got my attention:

Of course that cheered me up. I didn’t realize it’s only a month till Dave’s new album comes out. To say I’m very excited is an understatement — we all know how much I love Dave, and how awesome his single from this album is, right? Right?

Then about half an hour or so later, I saw this tweet:

Guess who scrambled to get her computer out and pre-ordered the album? :P You don’t need high-end video cards to get that, I think. :P

So before I slept last night this morning, I had a brand new legit album in Macy, and I couldn’t be any more giddier. See?

Ah. Sometimes what you want is what you get. ;) I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual CD.

What are you waiting for? Go get Dave Barnes‘ new album, now!