Wishlist: Canon Ixus 80 IS

To compensate for me postponing my Australia trip, I’ve decided to treat myself to something that I’ve been thinking of getting for the past months: a new digital camera.

I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to buy a new digicam because our old digicam is already breaking down. It can still shoot good photos, I think, but the LCD’s really annoying me already, and the model is already obsolete. I was thinking of buying my own dSLR just so I won’t grab my brother’s anymore, but I realized that as much as I liked photography, I don’t love it. I don’t think I’ll be willing to invest on a complicated and bulky camera that I’d hardly really use (when I graduated, I stopped “covering” events), and I don’t think I’d be willing to invest in buying lenses and whatnot. But I still want to document whatever escapades I go into, and I miss having to upload photos on my Multiply especially after I go on a gimmick with people. So…a digicam is my answer.

I’m usually the choose one and stick to it person with regards to gadgets, so the moment I saw the pink Canon Ixus 80 IS, I knew it was the camera I’m going to buy:

Canon Ixus 80 IS

Okay, I may be biased because it’s Canon and it’s pink. But then again, I know photos from Canon cameras come out nice (did I say it right? Haha). Plus, this camera is small, and I like how handy it is. I could buy a pink Sony Cybershot, but I’ve gone through two Cybershot cameras, and I’d like to try something new. Features wise, I’m fine with this one because I only plan to use this to take photos of everyday events. I just want to have a camera that I can bring around easily, take relatively nice photos (and probably make even photos of bathroom faucets look pretty) and…well, girly looking. Haha.

The price isn’t so bad — Php17,950. It’s cheaper if I buy it in cash, which I am planning to do (with some of my blogging money! Yay!), but I’m kind of wary to buy it too soon, mostly because I’m concerned that the price would be lowered anytime soon. I don’t know; I’m not into the camera crowd, so I don’t know when Canon lowers the price of their cameras. I’m thinking of waiting it out until August or September (after I pay my insurance and earn a bit more through blogging and finish paying for Aslan) before buying it. But I do want to get this before October, since there are a lot of events coming up for us.

If you own this camera, do you like it? Do you think I should wait for a while, in case the prices would go down? Or is there no chance that the price would go down soon (cheapskate alert)? Or should I just forget this model and go for another one? Suggestions? :)

4 thoughts on “Wishlist: Canon Ixus 80 IS”

  1. i have it, the pink one =) just bought it last friday (actually my bf did =p) i had a hard time choosing between the sony t70 (because it is touchscreen) and the canon ixus 80 IS but after of hours rationalizing, we ended up buying what i think is the best out of the 2, functionality wise and of course, no doubt the IQ is way better than the sony. Well, i dont know either if the price will soon depreciate but 17950 is just right for the it. and you’ll also have a CK eyewear (lots of variety up to almost 10k worth) for free hehe

    Go buy na rin =p

  2. post ko na rin dito =)

    my bf was the one who found your site so ako naman si ms. reply hehe
    anyway, we bought it in Canon @ Trinoma. I also bought na rin a LCD protector, available din sa kanila. The CK thingy is a promo of Canon. If you buy any of these:

    powershot A650 IS, TX1, S5 IS, G9;
    Digital IXUS 70, 75, 80IS, 85IS, 90IS, 860IS, 960IS and 970IS

    yung promo period is from july 7 – sept 30 2008. but u can redeem it till nov 30 2008.
    so ayan talagang nagsales talk na ko haha!
    in fairness yung mga CK eyewears that they’re giving for free is so pricey and magaganda talaga. and if ever wala ka magustuhan, weekly sila nagpapalit ng mga styles (or 2wks if im not mistaken) so u can go back again sa optical shops (list of shops are listed in the brochure so kuha ka na lang) to check again kung may magugustuhan ka na.

    so far, habang binubutingting ko sya, i can say na i dont have regrets choosing the canon over the sony. ganda talaga canon, and kahit saan ako reviews magbasa, they will tell u the same thing =)

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