Twenty Six

Also known as: Birthday thoughts

So yeah, I just turned 26. Hi.

I think I’ve just encountered my first sign of aging. I’m still exhausted from my get-together with friends last night! Ah. I invited some friends to a karaoke night as we counted down to my birthday, and I’m still exhausted. Or maybe it was because I got buzzed and had only 4 hours of sleep after before I went out again to celebrate with my family. But truth be told (and I know I’m already thinking in advance), I’m thinking maybe next year, instead of partying like that, I’ll probably just spend my birthday out of town. Or maybe even out of the country.

But like I said, that’s thinking too far in advance.

I had a very good 25th year, and I think yesterday capped it off pretty well. Like I’ve been saying, it’s been an interesting year and I will always look back fondly on my quarter year. It wasn’t easy, but it was a pretty good one. :)

I don’t really have too many thoughts about this year. But as last night winded down, I realized that I have also let go of some excess baggage I had from last year. And it feels nice to do that. Despite my exhaustion, I felt lighter. I felt free.

And maybe that’s the best birthday present I could give for myself.

I don’t have very huge wishes for my 26th year unlike last year. I don’t want to pose heavy questions for myself like last year. Not that having those questions weren’t good. This year, I just want to make it a bit simpler. This year, I’m just going to focus on the word I picked: I will LOVE.

That’s it. In my 26th year, I will love. I will learn to love. I will choose to love.

I will live loved because I have a great God. :)

Especially when that great God is a God who paints the skies in your favorite color because of His love. :)

"Because it had to be love that painted this picture." - Stephen Speaks

So hello, twenty six. :)

Ten Days to “Late” 20’s

Also known as: The 26th birthday wish list

Sometimes I think I’m too old to make a wish list.

Just sometimes. The other times, I know I’m not. Or if I am too old for that, then I’m just denying that fact. :P

Make a wish

Okay, but seriously, I thought of not making a birthday wish list for this year. I just felt that maybe, since I’ve lived for already a quarter of a century then maybe I should stop asking for things for birthdays and Christmas (and Valentine’s day). Maybe it’s time to try something else and just be surprised you know?

But then I remember: ask and you shall receive. I personally believe that is true. And sometimes most of the time, we don’t get what we want (or need) because we don’t ask.

So in that vein, I am here to ask again. :) I’m turning 26 in ten days and if you find it in your heart to be generous to me, then I won’t stop you. In fact, here’s this year’s wish list to help. ;)


This is Your Life

Also known as: More birthday realizations

So it’s the last day of March. I always feel sad when my favorite month is ending because…well, it’s my favorite month. But I also feel hopeful, because the end of March means it’s April, and April means summer, at least where I live. And despite the heat in Manila, I love summer. So yeah, March then summer? Not too bad.

Ever since that conversation with my college friends early in January, turning twenty-five has become somewhat of a big deal for me. The age itself is already a big thing, I know, but hearing from a trusted friend that major decisions in life usually come at that age…well, it’s become even more. I wish I could have prepared more for turning 25, but unfortunately, I didn’t. By prepare, I mean write journal entries, reflect and all that, but as always, work got in the way. What’s new?

My 24th year, in retrospect

It’s strange, because like my 2010, it’s kind of hard to remember. This is strange for me, because people know me as the human calendar when I was younger. But maybe, growing up stopped me from doing that — remembering every single detail. Instead, the moments blend together, moving from minutes to days to months that they just look like one big and beautiful mess. Not that I mind — life’s messy, anyway, and I know it’s not over yet.

I’d like to believe that my 24th year served to be a year where I learned how to accept changes and work with them instead of hiding from them. I had to laugh at my birthday entry last year — I was so optimistic. Not that I’m more negative this year, but you know, it’s just nice to know that what I wrote last year still rings pretty true to how I felt at the turn of my year.

So it was changes. I said I would be more open to them. In a way, I guess I am, and I’d like to believe I know more about myself and what I want (well, sort of). I know I have a great family and I have awesome friends. I know what I need to do to be okay and bounce back in the face of something bad happening.

I have been humbled so many times, and I realize again and again that I have a good God. He is good. Sometimes, even if I believe in Him, I forget that He is good. Remembering that, learning that again, taught me to trust in Him more. I still fail so many times, but I’m trying. And that’s the point, right?

My 24th year wasn’t that loud, just like my 2010 was. It went by quietly, but still beautiful in its own way. And I can’t really ask for more. :)

Hello, Twenty-Five

My 24th year’s theme song was obviously, Twenty Four by Switchfoot. As I turned 25 this year, I was thinking of what song I could use for this year. It’s not a requirement, but it’s always nice to have one, you know?

And I got it. Another one from Switchfoot.