Casa dulce casa

Also known as:  home sweet home from Europe

Cookie Monster in Madrid!

Hi everyone! I’m back!

Europe is beautiful. And God is amazingly awesome. :)

It’s been an amazing two weeks, and I definitely owe you guys blog entries on the entire trip. So, I promise to write them down. In fact, I have an outline ready. I just need time to write it. I promise I’ll find time.

But in case I don’t post anything in the next few days, I give you permission to bug me. Until I sit down and finally write about it. Deal? :)

Before I go and work, I must say this:

I am loved by a God who delights in fulfilling my dreams. :) How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?

Have a blessed Friday, everyone. :)

Adiós por ahora

Also known as: Off to Europe, see you later!

So I meant to post, and I meant to schedule posts here while I’m away for the next two weeks, just so people would know this blog is still alive, and I’ve got stuff to write about.

But alas. The last few flurries before the trip really got to me, and I find myself scribbling this blog entry as fast as I can while I wait for my brother to get me and drop me off at the airport.

Sometimes I still can’t believe that I am actually going to World Youth Day. And to Europe. This was just a hasty prayer/epiphany I got while I was showering in the gym, wondering what I was going to do with my life. I just posted about it last January. I was scared that it won’t happen, but I’m just amazed at how God fixed everything for us, for me. And I wanted it to happen, of course, but now that I’m here, about to fly, I can’t believe that I’m actually here.

Once again, I am amazed at how faithful God has been and is to me. :)

Anyway, there’s so much stuff I want to write about, but I must hurry in case my brother arrives. One of their advice for us for World Youth Day is to empty ourselves and be ready for how God will fill us with everything we will experience in this event. A part of me is excited about that, but also a part of me is wary of what I will come back to after this is over. Oh, there’s no doubt that I will experience God in the next 15 days. I guess I’m just concerned about what will happen next after this. What will I do next? What will I strive for next? Will I even be the same person after?

Then again…I guess that’s one more thing to pray for. :)

So…let’s do this. :) I won’t be bringing my laptop, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to post anything. I’m not sure how much online time I have, but let’s just assume I won’t have much. :) I will try to tweet, though, but I can’t promise. :)

But if you have any prayer concerns, or you just want me to pray for you, leave a comment (or tweet me, or email me, or text me, even, if you know my number), and I will pray for you. :) That I can definitely promise.

See you in fifteen days! I promise to blog more after, really, I do! :)

See you in August

Also known as: One step closer to World Youth Day in Madrid :)

I told you I’d have a reason to blog more. :)

Last night I was very, very antsy because our WYD group leader sent a message to pray for our visas which was to be released today. Last June, I was already majorly antsy about it because it was the scheduled group appointment, where our leader represented us to the embassy. I had a good feeling that we’d get the visa, but who knows, right? After the appointment, I thought we’d know already, but it turns out it won’t be until July 15.

So the waiting starts. And I pretty much put it at the back of my mind, even if I’ve been praying for it everyday. When that text message came last night to pray for 100% approval, I was worried again.

I mean, I know I have all documents submitted…but who knows right? Anything could still go wrong.

But God wouldn’t let that happen, right? I’ve come this far, why take it away?

And I was given an Australian visa 3 years ago, and I was less financially capable. So why not this one, right?


And so I asked.

And then.