Also known as: On Missing Community

A few days ago, I had to go to a World Youth Day pilgrims meeting at the new head office of the Catholic community I’m a part of. Or maybe I should say, was a part of, because even if I am still a member, I haven’t been attending any gatherings in the past…oh, three years? You see, once you’re in the community, you’re a member forever. You can disappear, but you can be a member by name.

YFC International Leaders Conference Bacolod, 1999. Spot the girl with the dorky round glasses. :P

So anyway, it’s been ages since I last attended. I haven’t been showing up because I was busy with work, and honestly, I felt like I’ve outgrown it. See, I grew up in community — I was a member of the Catholic community my parents belonged to since I was a kid. My parents, being community elders by then, attended all sorts of elder events, dragging me along. Being the youngest, I sort of had no choice but to go and do what they say (my older brother was cut a bit of slack there). So from being in the kids ministry, I joined the youth, and…that really made my life different.

I loved being in community. It was my second home, and I met most of my closest and best friends there. Not to mention that being in community brought me closer to God, which is the real point of being in one. I wouldn’t be who I am, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do now if I didn’t spend all those years with them. Truth be told, I thought that I wouldn’t get tired of it, especially after that one year I took a break. I seriously thought I would even be working as a full time missionary, if not for the discernment and decision that led me to the corporate world.

But that doesn’t mean corporate world and community didn’t mix. Other people manage, so why didn’t I? Why couldn’t I?


Quarter-Life Wants

Also known as: The 25th birthday wish list

You know what is the most useful thing that people make for Christmas and birthdays (and sometimes, even Valentine’s Day)? Wish lists. While I always appreciate surprises and people who know me so well that they know what to give me without having to rely on any wish list, I find that it’s always fun (and helpful) to make a wish list. Because at some point, people do consult this, and sometimes I end up getting them on my own.

Jumping off from the Law of Attraction post and from what I did last Valetine’s Day and the fact that my brother is waiting for me to post this…I present the 25th birthday wish list. :)

Oh, and it’s exactly 10 days until I turn 25. :)

Something I ask prayers/thoughts for:

Meaning, I don’t think anyone can give this to me except for the issuing people, so, prayers and thoughts will be appreciated. :)

  • Schengen Visa for WYD 2011 – self-explanatory. I’ll worry about the airfare later, need the visa first. Prayers, please? :)