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Gadget Wants

It is back. With a vengeance. Almost.

What is back,exactly? Something that my wallet fears, very, very much — gadget wants.

Sometimes I want to deny that I am a techie, that I’m not one who falls and gets excited over every new gadget that comes out in the market. I don’t fall over and I don’t always want a gadget, but when I find something I like? Oh dear. I won’t stop thinking about it until (a) I buy it or (b) I find too many flaws to it that I end up not wanting it.

Guess what happens most often. :|

So I guess I am a techie. Not a hardcore techie, who wants and can afford to upgrade their gadgets ever so often, but I can’t deny myself of my gadgets, and I can’t deny that I love them and often find myself thanking them for the convenience they bring. I try not to be dependent on them, but I like having them because of that. Did that make sense?

In no particular order, here are the gadgets I’ve been looking at and wanting.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

It hit me a couple of months ago that my Canon IXUS 80, Ashley, is getting old. She’s turning two this year, and while it’s still working properly, I know it’s having a hard time already. And that’s coming from me who hardly takes pictures nowadays. I talked to my brother about it, and said that most of my pictures are blurry already, and maybe it’s time to get another camera. He suggested the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.

It isn’t as pretty as Ashley, but this has a lot of good camera reviews. I know this isn’t the latest model (I stopped researching about digital cameras after some time), but I know this model is one of the good ones. My gadget lust for a new camera faded over the months, so I am in no hurry to buy this…but I know I’ll have to replace my camera sometime. Ahh.

Canon Powershot D10

Canon Powershot D10

I only wanted this because of its underwater capability. I was so envious with this other group of people at the airport on our way home from Coron, and they had videos of their snorkeling adventure. I still want this, because underwater camera cases are expensive (at least, the good ones are), but I’m not in a hurry because I’m not going snorkeling anytime soon.

And besides, it’s not like I take photos of everything. I’m probably the laziest camera-toting person whenever my friends and I go out. Most of the time my camera is just inside my bag. :P So enough with the cameras (for now).

Amazon Kindle 2

I blogged about this in my book blog, and I’ve been thinking about getting this since the price went down my friend told me about her experience using it. I started wanting this the same time the iPad went out, but since I thought the iPad is just a luxury item, I wanted the Kindle more because it fits a bookworm like me. Then I started getting books from the Kindle store ever since Mina’s Fairy Tale Fail came out, so the gadget lust continued.

I’m not lusting after this anymore because…I just ordered my Kindle a couple of days ago. With a pink case.

Of course a new Kindle version is released for pre-order a couple of days after I order. Hmph. Then again, even if there are new versions available, it won’t get here on time for my mom to go home, plus…well, this is still a good buy, regardless of the version. As long as it can still read books, I don’t think I’d mind.

It’s a good thing I like white gadgets. The smaller size looks nice, though, but I don’t think they have a case for it yet.

Nokia C3

Speaking of pink.

Nokia C3

I’m going to channel that little girl from Despicable Me right now just to say this: It’s so pink I’m gonna dieeeee!

I first saw this phone on Jayvee’s blog and immediately fell in love with the pink-ness. Thing is, I don’t need a new phone, I just got myself one last November after Captain Tal died. I’m not one who carries two phones (I don’t like having more than one number — I tend to forget about the other one). I really, really don’t need this.

But oh my gosh, the pink. I want it for the color! Is that justifiable? My phone has more features than this one, save for the QWERTY and Wifi…but it is not pink! The PINK!

You know what’s even more enticing now? Nokia is having a one day promo sale on July 31 for this model — Php 1000 off! The phone is only Php 6295!!! Ahhhhh.

I want. I don’t need, but I want. I think I can afford it, but is it justifiable? :-s

* * *

Ah the things we want and we need. It’s actually a good thing I’m single and I’m only spending for myself (with the semi-regular treats for my family). I don’t know if that reason justifies my gadget lust…but at least I can enjoy my hard-earned money.

Now the question is…do I give in to this gadget wants? Especially for the pink?

Podcast Mondays

Mondays, Mondays. Why do we always hate Mondays?

Okay, I don’t exactly hate Mondays, but sometimes it depresses me, especially after a particularly good weekend. I’ve been feeling that lately, and I still blame PMS on it (TMI). But Monday is a fact of life, no matter how much we want to deny it, it will come. It will come. It will come.

It doesn’t mean I have to succumb to Monday blues, of course. Sometimes I worry that I’d need prevera if I keep on having the Monday blues…but I found a solution for it just recently: Podcast Mondays!

Old school much?

I think I started listening to podcasts right after Switchfoot in Manila. Wait, I correct myself: I didn’t start listening, I started watching, since it was Switchfoot’s video podcast. Then I subscribed to some of Lifeteen’s podcasts, and I find myself downloading faster than I could listen! Not that I mind, though, because podcasts are kind of fun — brings me back when I used to listen to the radio all night. :P

So why Podcast Mondays?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Mondays is the best time to listen to them, since I’m trying to psych myself up for the week?

Oh wait. I thought of an explanation earlier. Most of the podcasts I listen to are Catholic podcasts, and I find that listening to them on Mondays makes the day feel like an extended Sunday. I don’t know if that made sense. Listening to them on Monday helps me to start the week right and uplifts my soul, somewhat.

Here are the podcasts I listen to:

  1. The Mix (Lifeteen) – one of my favorite podcasts of all. The Mix contains different reflections, music, interviews and talks from Lifeteen, and they always, always hit the spot. I love it, and I wish they’d produce more of this because I learn so much from this. I love this because it brings me back to my YFC days, and it’s almost like I’m in the talks with them.
  2. Love Life (Lifeteen) – This is a favorite, because it talks about what it says: love life. Dating questions, love life questions, all in the Catholic POV. Some of them are for the younger people, though, but it’s still relevant. If you’re looking for love life advice, be sure to listen to this podcast.
  3. THE 171 (Lifeteen) – I haven’t listen to this podcast for so long, but I still download them out of habit. THE171 sounds like a college course, because it sort of is. It answers different Catholic questions — Apologetics, in some sense, but in the teen language. I like it because I get to learn more about my faith. :)
  4. Catholic Movie Reviews (Lifeteen) – It is what it says: movie reviews. They don’t review only Catholic movies, though — they review most of the hit movies in a Catholic POV. I don’t really agree with everything since I’m kind of lax when watching movies, but it gives me good insight to know what to watch out for.
  5. Busted Halo Cast (Busted Halo) – They have been podcasting for so long that I can’t listen to them all the way from the start, but it’s always fun listening to them. It’s kind of like THE171, but more fun because it sound like an actual radio show. The priest answers some questions, throws questions to the other one with him, and there’s also other fun stuff like church search and all that. Of course, church search is only in the US, but information is always handy. :P Oh, and Fr. Steve Dwyer’s laughter — the best. :D
  6. Boundless Show ( – Of all podcasts I listen to, this is the most like a radio show. There’s an actual panel, interview and a question after, and there’s always a fun banter in the show. It’s not a Catholic podcast though, but a Christian one (but remember, Catholics are Christian, too!), and they always have good points on love life and all that. :)
  7. In Between Sundays – I’ve only started to listen to brothers Nick and Pat, and I love them. It’s like Boundless Show, only by Catholics! I love the advice they have, and the fun segments in the show, especially the 3-J’s. :) The show is always relevant, especially for young adults. Like they say: it’s a podcast for the other 6 days of the week. I totally agree. :D

There’s also the Sunday Sunday Sunday podcast by Lifeteen that I get every Sunday, and I download Podrunner every now and then to help when I run. I used to listen to Grammar Girl too, but stopped…although I think I should listen to her again.

So yeah. Podcast Mondays. Good way to start the week. :) Any other podcasts you might suggest?

A zombie on my lawn

I’m sure everyone here knows about Plants vs. Zombies, right?

Oh come on, you haven’t?! WHYYYY. If you haven’t played it yet, I suggest you turn close your browser, look for a download link and play the game! Like, now!

Anyway to those who don’t know about this, here’s the Wikipedia entry:

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game developed and published by PopCap Games for Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhone OS. The game involves a homeowner using many varieties of plants to repel an army of zombies. The homeowner, along with a neighbor called Crazy Dave, must defend the homeowner’s house during day or night, in the front yard and the backyard (including the swimming pool), and even on the roof.

I mean, just look at how cute this game is! Where have you been, under a rock?! (Or maybe you’re a zombie? Oh no…braaainz).

Plants vs. Zombies

Anyway. I’ve been playing this game since mid-2009, and I’ve only blogged about this now because I found this:

Plants vs. Zombies Plushie

Aren’t these just the cutest?! I can imagine an entire collection of this (with more than one of each kind) and I’ll set them up on a green carpet to make it look like they’re on an actual lawn. And maybe there would be zombie plushies too and I could set them up attacking! Can you just imagine that?!

I wonder how it would look like if I try to redesign my room with Plants vs. Zombies theme? Haha, addict much?

But they’re just so adorable! The artist, Alix, tells us that she’s planning to make a sunflower soon (if she doesn’t remake the pea-shooter that is). SUNFLOWER! ♥ I can’t wait to see how it would look. And I wonder if these would eventually be for sale…if it does, I hope I can get to order. I shouldn’t be more expensive than home insurance quotes, right?

I swear, I can’t stop squee-ing over this. :P EEEEE! ♥

Online Presence

Okay I need to know the truth here. Be honest: have you ever Googled yourself?

My teammates and I were doing that earlier, just for kicks. Obviously, doing a search with my name will give you this site as the number one result, followed by my Facebook account and other places in the web where I managed to leave a footprint. Or when people leave a footprint for me (like this GroupCard that was sent to me for my 23rd birthday). There are also blogs that re-posted some of my contributions for Didache and Jun’s e-newsletter, too. And…so…much…more.

Just a few days ago, I realized that I’ve been online for 10 years now — the first time we had Internet was 1999, I think, right after first year in high school. I can’t believe it’s been a decade since I first got connected to the Internet, which means I’ve also been “webdesigning” for almost ten years too! How about that?

It’s really no surprise if it’s so easy to find me in Google (or Yahoo, or BING, even). Which then leads me to think…how many accounts have I set up all over the Internet ever since I started? Let me try to remember them:

  • Hotmail – I think the first ever account I signed up for when I got connected was my old, old hotmail account. It’s the time when the only thing you can collect online are email addresses, you see. I got my first email address there — I can’t log in to that anymore. :P
  • ICQ – I got introduced to this after I got introduced to mIRC (oh the memories), and I remember loving the typewriter sounds and the cuckoo alert. I can’t remember my number anymore, so sad. Is anyone still using ICQ?
  • MyOwnEmail – Now this was fun! This is like the coolest email service I ran into way back then. MyOwnEmail provides custom domain names for emails, and I think what sold me for this was the email. :P I had! Haha!
  • Angelfire – This was where I first made my own website, an Animorphs fansite. I taught myself HTML from scratch, and used to code only in Notepad. Haha geek!
  • gURLpages – After Angelfire, I got to gURLpages. I don’t know why or how I found out about this, but I stayed in gURLpages for almost a year before moving to Geocities. This was one of the free website places that offered ad-less hosting. I think my URL was . Hah!
  • Dreambook – My first guestbook. I left this one after I realized how limited it was.
  • Bravenet – I wanted a better guestbook other than Dreambook, so I went to Bravenet, which seemed to provide everything a website owner could possibly want at that time. I got a guestbook, email form and polling system, all from Bravenet.
  • mail – Can’t remember where I found this site too, but this was my primary email for a while – I think I signed up for this after I moved from gURLpages, and gURLmail is already too cluttered for me.
  • Geocities – I signed up for Geocities because I wanted my website to be hosted on a domain. It worked. :P

After this, I honestly can’t remember what other free services I signed up for. I remember having web hosting accounts in and, as well as (don’t you remember how this seems like the coolest guestbook provider before?), (a journal provider),,,,, and one free forum provider. I also signed up for webrings, created a webring of my own, and signed up for so many online forums (and met a lot of good friends there too).

I’m pretty sure most of my accounts on the sites above no longer exist — some of those websites no longer exist, either! That’s web-life for you, I guess?

Okay, now for a more current Internet inventory. Where have I signed up now?

Dreamhost. Google. Yahoo. Livejournal. Multiply. Facebook. Friendster. Flickr. Goodreads. Listography. Twitter. Plurk. Vox. Uh…what else? Oh yeah, the newest one: Tumblr.

Whew. That was hard to remember.

Twenty Two

Here we go again, exactly one year after I posted last year, before I turned twenty two. It’s less than 24 hours till I turn twenty-three, and…well, I thought I’d post early since I don’t think I’d have the time to post later. Busy, busy day at work. ;)

My 22nd year was a blur. I don’t know why, but it felt like it is. Maybe it’s because I was so busy with everything in my life that I hardly noticed things. Well, okay, I did, and they’re safely written in my journal (at least, almost all of it), so my memory is kind of failing right now. Maybe my journal-writing is really becoming like Dumbledore’s Pensieve (did I spell that right?). Hm. That’s a thought.

I was sick almost the entire week last week because of that nasty indigestion I had last Monday. I was so weak last Monday that I could have asked for NO2 Black, except I don’t know what that would do to me. I can’t remember if I posted about it, but I threw up again on Tuesday, for eating a too heavy dinner too soon. Bah. I was reduced to a crackers and juice and congee diet for the entire week. I was so hungry by Thursday, but I had to keep at it because Friday was Pizza day with the teammates. Good thing I was well enough by Friday, and I got to eat normally, but not as much as I used to.

Which is a good thing, really, because that means I can lose weight by eating less. :P

Anyway, Saturday was a big day, because I got my first birthday present for the year. :) I let go of Triskal last Friday and sold him to my boss, because I was planning to get the much-awaited and wanted iPod Touch. :) I’ve been losing sleep over the weekend playing with it and installing apps and making sure all my album art are complete. Haha, Apple products do this to people, srsly. I’ve yet to make a proper review of this, but here’s a photo:

Macy the iPod Touch

So pretty! The silicone case is my brother’s birthday gift to me, plus my pink earphones, so it’s all pink. ♥ I named it Macy after the lead character of Sarah Dessen‘s The Truth About Forever. I knew that a guy name wouldn’t fit this one. :))

Sunday, after catching up on sleep, I cleaned my room. I used to clean my room three times a year back when I was studying, but ever since I started working I hardly do. But yesterday gave me a reason to do so, and see here:

The Bookshelf!

YES, IT’S FINALLY HERE! Took three months, but it’s okay. :) This is actually my brother’s Christmas present, which I kind of feel bad asking for since it’s a bit expensive. :) But thank you, none the less! I realized yet again that I have so many books, that i didn’t know how to fix them yesterday. Note that those aren’t the only books I have — I have more on a separate single shelf on my dresser. :P

I haven’t figured out a real way to arrange the books, except that the non-fiction are on the left, the young adult/teens were on the right and the ones in the center are my favorites. The ones on the top are the books I have yet to read. I have to figure out a better way to organize this and fit more books, but for now, I just like looking at it. :)

Today’s going to be a long day at work, with QA’s and goal setting, and documentation and training at night. I hope I can get home before midnight, though. I want to start my 23rd year at home. :D

Why I suddenly want an iPod Touch

When the iPod touch first came out, I didn’t like it. For one thing, I was already satisfied with my current player then, and I didn’t want anything touch screen. If you knew me way back then, I didn’t like the Palm, or anything that requires me to touch its screen to control it. I’m such an OC about my gadgets that I hate having to have fingerprints all over the glossy (and pretty) surface.

I didn’t want the iPod Touch, and I thought that if ever I’d be getting another iPod, I’d get the classic or the Nano since it has so many colors.

So why the sudden change of heart when I added it in my 23rd birthday wishlist?

I saw Mae using hers during WordCamp 2008, and I was…amazed. I mean, everyone was using their own laptops to Plurk/Twit/blog/whatever, but Mae was just fiddling with her iPod Touch. Then I wondered about all the other things I could do with that, most especially writing. I read somewhere that there’s a WriteRoom application for the iPod Touch…and I can sync my iCal with that (I wonder if Notes Calendar can be synced with it? Hmmm)…and I can just imagine what else I can do with that. :))

So why do I want an iPod Touch again? Let me count the ways:

  • Write anywhere. Whenever I have an idea that I just need to write, I usually use my phone. But I can only write so much in Captain Tal. I can probably even try NaNo-ing in an iPod Touch if I’m crazy enough. Plus WriteRoom!!!
  • eBook Reader. I discovered the fun of ebook reading in Triskal, but imagine how hard it is to read and remember which section I last read there. Plus using the clickwheel to scroll can be tiring on the thumb! I’ve seen how ebooks are shown in the iPod Touch and I can actually read multiple ebooks with bookmarking. Oh the possibilities.
  • Wider viewing pleasure. I tried watching videos in my teammate’s iPod Touch and I was amazed at how big the screen was. And so bright since it’s not composed of  led light bulbs. Haha, this should be fun too.
  • Internet anywhere there’s Wi-Fi. I don’t have to bring Aslan everywhere now, as I can use the iPod Touch to blog/Facebook/Plurk/Twitter. :D Portability oh yeah.
  • Built in speakers. I don’t have to get speakers to play my music in my room. Of course, Aslan is there…but I don’t have to turn him on all the time to play music. :D

That’s all I could think of now. Haha suffice to say I’m excited to have one. :)) I’d like to think of it more as a productivity tool than a luxury. ;) Or it could be both. Wahaha. It’s my birthday gift. :P

So as the ever-prepared (or so I’d like to think) girl that I am, I’m lining up apps to install once I get it:

  • eReader/Stanza. Still choosing between the two, but I think I’m leaning towards Stanza.
  • WriteRoom. This is the only paid app that I will really pay for. I can’t not have this. This is the ultimate writing tool for me. Unless of course there’s Scrivener mobile already…Hm.
  • WordPress. Self-explanatory.
  • Facebook. Self-explanatory too. :P
  • Twitteriffic. This, too.

Ah…all web stuff. :P I’m thinking of getting White Noise too, but it might be really a luxury since it’s not a free app. Anything else you might suggest?

Anyway, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. But I will get an iPod Touch…sometime…soon. Haha.

I have to go and get ready for work! :D

For the love of WordPress

WordCamp Philippines

It’s been a long time since I attended any blogger’s thing — the last time I attended one was during the Philippine Blog Awards 2007. After that I really meant to attend other events, but my schedule just got so jampacked with work and other stuff that I disappeared from the “social blogging scene”, if there was any.

Well yesterday I decided to break my streak of non-attendance and headed over to the first ever WordCamp in the Philippines (and in Southeast Asia), held at College of Saint Benilde, in Taft. I was kind of excited to go there the day before but then I realized that since I have disappeared from online meet-ups, I don’t really have anyone to go with at WordCamp. Oh, I know people are going, but I wasn’t sure if I could tag along with them, you know?

But anyway, I also realized that this is one day where I could meet new people, so off I go to Taft — late, of course haha — with Aslan in tow. :D

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Meet Ashley, the Pink Canon Ixus 80IS

A little over a month after I posted this, and after spending so much time looking at the store’s window at work longingly and looking at the prices of this online for the best promo I can find, I did some computations and projection of expenses and I finally gave in and bought this pretty, pretty thing:


Tadaaaa! Meet Ashley, the pink Canon Ixus 80IS that I will pay for with my blogging money. :D Note the future tense in that sentence, that is because I used Lizzie, the HSBC credit card, to pay for this first and I will pay for it in 0% interest plan for the next 12 months (or less, if I suddenly feel like paying for all of it all of a sudden). I know I could get it cheaper for cash, but for one thing I don’t feel like shelling out that much cash in one sitting, and I used my HSBC Mabuhay Miles card, so there’s miles in exchange for my use. Sayang ang miles! So, what I will use to pay for the bill for this one is my blogging money.

This is the first time I spent for myself like this. Sure, I paid for Aslan the MacBook, but this is the first time this bill is under my name, so it’s thrilling and stunning in a way. Thrilling that I actually “paid” for this with my own money and stunning because I’ve never swiped my card so much in one purchase (and don’t ask how much else I spent after that :P).

I’ve been using this camera a lot for the past week and suffice to say, I LOVE IT. I miss being able to take photos anytime I want, capturing moments and sharing the photos to my friends at the end of the day. I love playing with its effects and seeing how the photos would come out. I love how small and handy it is that I don’t have to worry about it as much as I would worry about Chimon, my brother’s 40D. Most of all, I love that it’s PINK. :D Pretty, pretty thing.

I named it Ashley, from the protagonist of Kristin Billerbeck’s Ashley Stockingdale novels. It’s the first girl gadget I have — all others are considered male. :D

Now you see why I seem to be blogging a lot lately, because I’ll be paying for this one. :P I hope my busy schedule next month could still give me time to blog, even if it’s just about book reviews, random stuff and a/c compressors. I must find time, yes?

Anyway, speaking of time, I’ve got to start working on the stuff I need to pass on Monday. Expect more photos to be uploaded in my Multiply and posted here, much thanks to Ashley. :D

The Survey for People Who Make Websites


One of the things that I committed to do this year at work is to participate in surveys sent by the organization. To be honest, answering surveys is one of the most boring things I could agree to do. No offense, but really. Surveys that have definite answers (i.e. Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, etc), but those which required me to give a comment gives me a headache. :| I remember back in college, I always hated it when some people interrupt our class to ask us to fill out a survey about our prof’s performance, and I hated it more when I feel no special kinship with the prof. :|But I do recognize how important surveys are to groups especially to a big organization that I belong to. If taken and filled out seriously, these surveys could really provide valuable information that the survey givers are looking for. :)

And now I segue to the point of this post…A List Apart just launched their 2008 Survey for People Who Make Websites. And I quote:

Calling all designers, developers, information architects, project managers, writers, editors, marketers, and everyone else who makes websites. It is time once again to pool our information so as to begin sketching a true picture of the way our profession is practiced worldwide.

Possibly the most important invention of the past century, the web is undeniably one of the most robust engines of knowledge transfer, political and social change, artistic endeavor, and economic growth the world has seen.

Remove the web, and billions in trade disappear. Websites enable people who can’t walk to run to the store. They bring knowledge and freedom of thought to places where such things are scarce; make every person with a connection a citizen of the world; and allow every citizen to be heard.


So if you’re a designer, a developer or you just play around with the web, take the survey now! I just finished answering it a few minutes ago, and it’s really quick and easy to answer, and would not take more than 10 minutes of your time. :D

I took the 2008 ALA Survey

 After taking the survey, tell all your friends (and strangers :p) about it, just like what I did now. ;)

WordCamp Philippines 2008

When my teammate, Mike, arrived, I immediately ambushed him with this question: Would it be an ultimate geekery if I say I want to attend WordCamp Philippines 2008?

The answer was yes, but then again, I’m a self-confessed geek, so why would this matter?

Anyway, I heard about this from Kyameel, and I decided to register if only to revive my blogging life and to fully understand WordPress more, since I’ve been using it for years now (which reminds me…I have to upgrade!), and I don’t see myself using another content management system and I’ve been missing programming and developing, AND admission is free…so I thought, why not? :)

WordCamp Philippines 2008

WordCamp Philippines 2008 will be on September 6, 2008, at College of Saint Benilde, Taft Avenue, Manila (hello, Taft, I missed you!). This event is organized by the Mindanao Bloggers (thank you!), and is made possible by the following sponsors:

Who else is going? This will be my first second blogging event for the year (I remember, 2008 Philippine Blog Awards on August!), and I think it’s just time to “revive” my offline blogging life. :P