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Shopping, anyone?

So for the past couple of days, I’ve realized that there are a lot of things I have that seem to be breaking down, or needs to be replacing. For example:

  1. My blouses don’t fit me anymore. Not only because I’ve grown (both horizontally and vertically), but probably because they shrunk. Then again, some of the blouses I wear to work have been with me since OJT days…that’s two years ago. Which means I need to get rid of them. Like soon.
  2. My bags are breaking. If it’s not the zipper, it’s the strap. If it’s not the strap, it’s the inside pocket. Or all three of them. The only bags I have left are the ones which are either too small or too big to bring to the office.
  3. My shoes are also breaking down. Ever since I started my new job, a total of four pairs of shoes were broken: first is the pink slip on I wore during my debut (fine, it’s about to break down, after almost four years of being with me), second is my beige peep-toe shoes which are only less than five months old, followed by my green slip ons, which is not really broken, but is almost there and finally, my pink open-toed heeled shoes which was bought late last year. What is it with shoes and them breaking down? Does it mean I use them all too much?
  4. My wallet is overflowing…not with cash, but with cards and receipts. Must find replacement for that too, since my some of my ATM/Credit cards are all together and they might end up getting scratched.
  5. Captain Tal, my beloved Nokia 6233, is also getting scratched…which means I need to get him a crystal case. And since I don’t want easily broken ones, I should start investing on a good one, yes?

Hay. Even if I already have a new job, it would take a while for me to gain financial stability. If only I have some diamond rings to sell or pawn…then again if I can afford those for myself, I’d probably be able to buy all those things I wanted up there in a snap. Plus that cute pink and white Chucks with some hearts embroidered on the side that I’ve been eyeing for so long.

Does anybody know when the next department store sale is?

Book Season 2007

Earlier today I met with a Switchfoot fan who bought a ticket from me (Hi Mitch, in case you’re reading this :)) and we got into a discussion about books. It occurred to me that it is Book Season once again!

Wait, say that again, Tina? Book Season? Is there such a thing?

Yes there is! Well, okay, I coined the term last year, after I finished emptying my wallet and buying all those books from all the book sales I raided last year. ;) That’s approximately September last year, which means Book Season starts roughly around August. Which is this month!

So to all bookworms out there, here’s what’s in store for you on this year’s Book Season!

  1. Powerbooks Power Sale. It’s the annual Powerbooks Powersale already! It started last August 1 and will last until August 31, with discounts from 5% to 70%. Books not marked with the very high discounts are usually 20%, so it’s a pretty good bargain!
  2. National Bookstore Cut Price Book Sale. This sale runs from August 15 to September 16 on all National Bookstore branches. Discounts range from 5% to 65% off. Although I’m not really that keen on National Bookstore’s book collection, I’d have to say that their new store, NBS Bestsellers, is one of my favorite bookstores right now. Just look at this book collection:

    National Bestsellers
    Picture from

    Yes, it’s a BIG bookstore. I almost went crazy the first time I got in.

    Although I have to admit, I was a bit confused with their sale. National Bookstore uses sticker tags to tell what kind of discount the book will be getting (same as Powerbooks), but not all books were marked there earlier. Maybe they’re not yet done with it? Anyway, Bestsellers is located at the 4th floor of Robinson’s Galleria, beside Pizza Hut Bistro. :)

  3. Manila International Book Fair 2007
    28th Manila International Book Fair
    . Every book lover in Manila’s dream. :) This event will be held at the World Trade Center (Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. cor. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City) on August 29 to September 2, 2007, from 10:00am to 8:00pm. If you don’t want to go to Powerbooks or National, you can go here and avail of the 20% off discount on ALL books, and get to visit other bookstore/publisher booth as well, with the same (and sometimes more!) discounts. Every time I’ve been there, I get so overwhelmed at the number of books I see, I hardly know where to start! Other activities are also done during the Book Fair, like book launches, story reading, workshops and writing contests, so that’s something to look forward to as well. :)

Is there anything else I missed? If there is, then let me know so I can update this one. :) I’m definitely planning to do some serious book shopping this month (good luck to my credit card!), but I only have two things to buy in mind as of now (an office Bible and Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller). If you have any suggestions, comment away! I’m open for suggestions. :)

Come to think of it…I think after this Book Season, I really need to start saving up for my most wanted piece of furniture that I think every bookworm, even if he lives in in Orlando rental home, must have: a sturdy bookshelf. Agree?

Captured Moments

GK Village in Dingalan, Aurora

This is one of my favorite photos that I took with my trusty (and unnamed) Sony Cybershot digital camera. This was taken summer of 2006 at Barangay Caragsacan, Dingalan, Aurora, during our 2006 GK Youth Summer Build. Believe it or not, the year before that, that line of houses weren’t even painted fully yet, which is why the time we went back, it was such a pleasure to see that the community is thriving.

Back in college during my YFC days, I was usually assigned as the official photographer/documenter of our activities since I was the VP for Documentations. That was why I usually hold most of the digital cameras. The thing with being in this position is that you take all the pictures but you are not in the pictures. Then again, I’m not much of a picture person (especially if it’s solo), so I don’t really mind. That much. :P

I haven’t been using much of our digital camera nowadays because I sometimes find it a hassle to bring around. Although to be honest, I kind of regret not bringing it around because there are certain moments that just have to be captured, you know? Like when you and your friends are eating out and talking, or when you see a dress that you like but don’t have money to buy yet, or when you suddenly see a celebrity out of nowhere — photo opps! Those kinds of things. It may not be a powerful dSLR like my teammate uses; it doesn’t have to take a really powerful camera to capture a moment, right? Well, at least not always. ;)

I must learn to start carrying my camera always, donchathink?

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On Credit Cards

Just last week, I paid my biggest credit card bill – a whopping 8+k. Well, it might below for others who has more than 10k (and sometimes even more than 100k) in their credit cards, but for someone who is still in the process of financial stability and is still on entry level, that’s a big one already, for a month. Blame it on the stolen cellphone I replaced before I left my old company. Plus all my other luxuries, such as an expensive haircut and pedicure before starting my new job (too expensive, really, but I have no choice), and the books (which I really don’t regret)…is this how it is when I start “growing up” and be more responsible for my finances?

I wasn’t supposed to pay the full amount of the bill just so I won’t go over the 50% expenses share for my first salary in my new company, but the things I purchased do not have the 0% credit cards interest thing, the one we used to buy our new iPods. After much debate and help from my brother, I decided to pay for it whole, just so I won’t have to think of the debt until next month. Paying for the entire thing sure felt great, even if I know it made a huge dent on the money I have in the bank. I guess it’s okay, since my next salary is only in a short time. :D

I know a lot of people say that credit cards make them worse people in regards to spending…but I think it’s the contrary for me. I don’t know, but having my own credit card has somewhat made me more aware of my expenses, and helped me to learn how to budget. So maybe having a credit card is not always such a bad thing…yes? Feel free to disagree with me though. ;)

I still have to learn about these 0% balance transfers and maybe eventually compare credit cards when I decide to expand to having two plastic cards in my wallet instead of one (the other one I have really doesn’t count since it’s a supplementary card). Right now, it’s nearing my cut off, and I’m happy because I know my credit card bill for the next month is below 2K. Yeahba. :)

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Thoof Your Personalized News

There is this one commercial for a local credit card which shows a rocker chick who is also a bookworm, a dedicated mom who is also a boxer, and the like. The commercial stresses that the company knows their clients personally, based on the purchases they made with the credit card. It’s cool how this personalization is done for most of the things we use right now, like the way Thoof delivers personalized news. Unlike other Web 2.0 applications, Thoof does not ask the members to rate the articles they read if it is good or not. Once an article is clicked, Thoof takes note of the clicked article, putting it as a part of your profile. If you think the article is not interesting, you can click on the “not interesting” link and it disappears from your profile. You may also add articles, share articles through email, edit some posts and vote if the changes done to other posts are correct. You may also choose to hide some articles instead of reading them and marking it not interesting.

I think Thoof is a cool way to personalize the news that you read, so you’ll only read things that are of your interest. Personalization at its best. :)

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