Where did Refine Me go?


I know this is all so sudden, but I have been planning to do this move for the longest time. I wanted to post stuff about it but whenever I do that, I end up staying where I am, so I just decided to let things die down slowly and build things back up again.

Confused? I figured. Okay, one more time.

Hello! If you’re looking for Refine Me (refineme.org)…well, you’ve come to the right place, sort of. I’m Tina, and I’ve owned refineme.org for 7 years. That’s quite a long time owning a domain and maintaining  personal blog. However, these things die down, and as much as I loved owning my first domain, I figured it’s time to move on.

But being the sentimental fool that I am, I can’t just let Refine Me die a slow and painless death and leave all the things I’ve written behind. So I’ve decided to move them all into a subfolder in my (not so) new domain so they can still be accessed and read and be linked to in the future for reference. I have entries in Refine Me since 2006 (I deleted old entries right after I graduated college and lost them in The Great Laptop Crash of 2007) and this has been almost my journal since then. I can’t just bear to say goodbye to them.

So what you’re seeing now, dear visitor, is the vault of Refine Me. I’m still blogging, of course, over at tinamats.com. I know I could have just moved all these entries over to that same blog instead of having another installation of WordPress in my domain and I wouldn’t have to make this kind of welcome message, but I wanted to start fresh in that personal blog, too, so I can’t just put them in there. I could have just made refineme.org redirect to tinamats.com cleanly, but I ran into a lot of geeky problems with that and I just thought, “Screw it. I want to start fresh, so let the old URL go here and just tell the visitors where to go if they want to know about your boring life.”

*deep breath*

SO! After that long explanation, here’s everything in bullet form in case you glazed over all that:

  • If you got here by clicking a link or entering www.refineme.org in your address bar — don’t worry, you’re not lost. This is still sort of refineme.org, but just the archives.
  • I won’t be updating refineme.org anymore.
  • That’s because I have a sort of shiny new personal site, tinamats.com. Click!
  • You may still view the entries in Refine Me if that interests you by clicking on Archives up there or the categories or the months on the right.
  • But I’d really appreciate it if you hop on over to tinamats.com, update your bookmarks and links and all that. If I am not mistaken, you won’t need to re-subscribe to my feed especially if you subscribed using Feedburner. But if you lost the feed…then subscribe again? There? :)

Okay, I think I’ve said enough. So hello, welcome, and enjoy your stay. I leave you to decide where you’d go next. :)

P.S. Clicking the graphic above will lead you back to this page. Clicking the graphic below will lead you to tinamats.com. :) Just so we’re clear and all. :)

Click to go to tinamats.com

the new refineme.org