Thank you, October

Also known as: A little thank you. And a cute sunflower. :)

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October was…crazy. Crazy busy. I wanted to blog more, really, but in the past month, I’ve come home from work just wanting to sleep, and not even read much or write. I find it funny how there were so many things that seemed to spill over from September to October, just how July spilled over to August and August to September. Ah, everything’s connected for real, I guess.

But…October has been nice, too, despite all the craziness. I know, it’s strange. But I’m really not complaining.

I know this is utterly cheesy, but if you would ask me how my heart is this month…I would use that sunflower photo above. No, I do not have a sunflower for a heart. Remember how I said that sunflowers are my favorite flowers because they’re really awesome and cheerful and they follow the sun? My heart feels like that now — like it’s…bursting. With light. And it’s looking at the sun, even if it’s night time.

I don’t know if that made sense. But allow me to be cryptic on my blog for now.

So. If you were a part of my October…thank you. If I saw you in the past month or talked to you, or we did something together or something like that, then this post is for you. :) Thank you for making my raging October brighter. Despite all the stress, despite the lack of sleep and despite everything that has happened to me and will happen, I will always remember all those bright moments in the past month and keep them in my heart. :)

Happy November, everyone. :)

4 thoughts to “Thank you, October”

  1. :) so happy the sun is shining down on you! I have an idea on why you’re heart is bursting. Haha! Happiness will always be our choice. so, choose to be happy, Tina. :D

    Cheers for November!

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