My name is Forgiven

As soon as the Easter Vigil was done on midnight of Sunday morning, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy. It's Easter, people! The tomb is empty! Jesus is risen! The Glory of God has defeated the night! Hallelujah! And it was an amazing kind of joy, of delight, to know that it is Easter and … Continue reading

That one place

I was deep into making an Osaka-Kyoto itinerary the other day for our upcoming Japan trip this May when I realized that I was actually falling in like with the country during my research. I've always been curious about Japan, but I'm not one of those people who just really want to go there. I mean, … Continue reading

For moreness

For moreness. My best friend coined this on the trip we took on the weekend before I turned 28, the one where I asked them to join me because as much as I enjoyed traveling on my own, I realized that I didn't really want to spend the last few days of a wonderfully crazy year not surrounded by the … Continue reading

Nostalgia’s a bitch

It happened again on a Tuesday. I was at mass, and as I knelt down to pray after receiving communion, some sort of movie reel started playing in my head. Or maybe the more accurate term is movie clips, because they were different scenes from a certain time in my life, one that I really didn't want … Continue reading

Twenty Eight

Hello, I'm 28 today. In the previous years, I usually start the countdown to my birthday a month before, and I make birthday plans as early as that. This year, I didn't have a count down (a public one, anyway, because in my head, I was counting down) and I didn't really make too many plans that … Continue reading