This is a post-dated entry just because I might not be able to post tomorrow. :)

Anyway, I’ve been a very delinquent blogger lately, I know. It’s weird; it kind of feels like I’ve run out of things to say here. Weirdly enough, I write at other blogs, but they’re usually the cryptic entries that you wouldn’t really understand except if you know the whole story or if you’re amazingly observant.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been reading. And reading. And writing. I’ve been taking some time off online just so I can catch up on my journal (which I’ve really neglected) as well as catch up on my reading with the new books I’ve managed to get the past few days. Since my dad is home, I also spend my time at home instead of staying over at the condo to make the most out of his month-long stay here.

At work, there’s the usual stuff that we do, plus of course, club stuff. I’m sort of on rest mode now from major activities to prepare for the year-end party, so now all I do are email announcements for our weekly activities, and attend Sportsfest events to support that activity.  It’s nice to be sort of resting but not really…you know how that feels? Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. :)

Trainings are available again for us at work, and I’m thinking of taking a Time Management training just so I can manage my time better (um…duh).  Plus I promised my manager I’d be better at time management especially now that I seem to have too many activities. Let’s see how I get to that, and maybe I’ll share my learnings here. :)

Yesterday some club friends and I had our first “jologs” night — after dinner we all trooped to Eastwood Cinemas to watch A Very Special Love. Haha winner! We were laughing half the time we were watching the movie — with all the lines, the stories and the teasings we made to each other. After the movie I would’ve gone to the coffee shop to read alone and grab some Starbucks coffee, but a friend saved me from buying burgis coffee by accompanying me while I wait for the parents. Fun times. :) We agreed to do this as often as we can, with every Pinoy movie that comes out in the next months. :)  I haven’t laughed so much since…well, last week actually, after our bi-weekly club meeting. I swear, joining the club has got to be one of the best things I’ve done this year — I’ve met some of the most wonderful people at work, thanks to this. :D Who needs to get paid for extra work when you do it with these amazing people?

Anyway, I really should get back to reading. Then again by the time you read this I might be asleep already. :P I just want to write something here, just so you guys know I’m still alive, and because this day comes only once in a millennium (the next is in 3008 right? Gosh, I can’t even fathom that year). I’ll get to blogging more in the next few days, let me just get some reading and work out of the way.

Have  a great Friday and 080808 day! :) I’ll be bringing a camera to work just so I can document this day. Let’s see what happens. ;)

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