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It's a Holiday and I'll do what I want

In a day, it’s September. Cliche, yes, but I need to say it for the nth time in this blog: where did time go?

It’s a holiday and I’m at home, enjoying the fact that I don’t have much to do. I think I may need to work later, but no pressure for myself, because it’s a holiday and I can do anything I want to. I am supposed to fix my books and clean my room (sort of)…but guess who isn’t moving right now.

But anyway, like I said, it’s a holiday and I can do anything. Or not do anything. At least, until later.

So I’m trying to remember how I was a year before, and what I was doing at this day. I have a blog entry last year about friends ditching each other, and wow, that’s a sad entry. I guess I was really sad then. And this is like, 27 days before the flood hit, and I was still clueless then. Not that I have a clue now, but I’d like to believe I know better now. Of course I know I’ll say that next year, too (I hope!), so this small realization just tells me that I still hope to get better every year.

I was thinking of hitting the gym today, but I am feeling lazy. Who knew I would say something like that now, when I used to be at the gym all the time last year? Maybe it’s because I know I’ve lost weight, and I know that I don’t need to burn everything in the gym and I can take it easy. Right now, I’d really rather read books so I can make a dent in my reading list, but I also still like to dance, and run. (So maybe I will dance later.) I still like to sweat, because if I don’t, I won’t be able to enjoy stuff like these:

And speaking of reading books, it’s just more awesome to read books when you have friends you can discuss them in detail with. I’ve written about meeting them here, and I’ve been seeing some of them randomly for the past few weeks, and it’s fun meeting them and talking about books, what we like, what to read and everything book-related all day long. Heaven, mehn, heaven. :) Awesome, awesome.

Which reminds me, I owe a few posts about our bookish adventures. We’ve watched a movie, went to a Comicon and a book launch and hung out for so long that my vocal chords are often so tired when I get home that I don’t want to speak (big surprise). It’s a wonder no one has attempted to sell books books to us. Heh.

Ah well. Changes are good. I am honestly afraid of looking at my goal lists for this year because I know I haven’t fulfilled much of them (driving and baking to name a few), but I think…I won’t pressure myself about that too much either. I mean, yeah, important, but it doesn’t mean my life would be ruined if I don’t get them this year, right? Might be inconvenienced…but not ruined.

I may be just sugarcoating things so excuse me. Or maybe I’m just hungry. So excuse me again. It’s a holiday and I’ll write what I want. :P

I think I’ll read, then if I feel like it, I’ll go dance later. If not, I can always dance tomorrow. Everyone have a great (and sunny!) Monday holiday. :)


I can’t let this day pass without blogging on this particular date, of course.

So hello, 08.09.10!

I’m typing this while I eat my late, late dinner. This particular Monday is crazy because there just seemed to be so many things to do. Most of which are leftover from last week, which was also a busy week, and still, things come in and I go crazy trying to keep up. I haven’t been in sync for the past two weeks, really, and it’s frustrating because I keep on trying to catch up but I feel like I’m failing. It’s like trying to tear down a metal building with my bare hands. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it’s that frustrating.

Ah, stress. I don’t want to complain about you, but I really wish I can catch up. Please don’t make this Monday be like the rest of the week.

On another, more positive note…wait. Okay, there are positive points to this day despite the stress…but unfortunately, they’re kind of unbloggable. ^^; Sorry friends, those are things I’d really rather keep to myself. If you want to know, you know how to reach me. It doesn’t mean I’ll tell you, but you can try. :)

Ah well. I should get back to eating so I can finish whatever I can finish today. By God’s grace, I will conquer this. Amen.

One more thing.

Happy birthday, Marvs!

Happy birthday Marvs! :)

Time Freeze

This is one of the days that I kind of wish would last for a long time. This was such an easy day — no too much work, no work issues, and just a general feeling of lightness in the day. I was having a hard time writing a review earlier, but now all is good. I got a massage, too, and I’ve never been more relaxed than…I can’t remember when. A good massage is better than the best wrinkle cream, yes?

I should be sleeping now, though. But I’m not.

I’ve been trying to think of something to blog here for the past days. It’s hard when you’re not pressured to blog. I wonder how other people do it.

On another, but slightly related note: I’ve been thinking of a way to revamp this site again. I’ve had for the longest time, and I figured out a way to transfer these posts there and still start anew. Of course, revamping means a new layout, and my graphic design and web programmng and CSS skills are rusty. So it’s going to take a while, I guess. I need to arrange some stuff first, anyway.

So many plans, so little time. I also want to be able to write more in my book blog, and finish my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel, too. I’m probably halfway done with the latter, now if only I can get to sit down and write and not mind what I’m writing. If only, if only life were so easy.

And speaking of easy…I’m taking it easy this weekend. Being broke means I only get to go to the gym and stay home after. I’ll write and read and do other things that I should have done before this weekend. Yes? So help me God.

Good night world. :) I promise to blog something more interesting next week.

Boredom without music

I have about 2000+ songs in my iPod, but lately, it seems like I can’t pick any song to listen to. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I have a lot of songs that I like listening to, but right now I just feel sick of them, and I just skip and skip. Strange, don’t you think?

Let’s see. I did my online book window shopping already at Amazon, checked my Facebook, checked my other social networking sites. Let me see…I also did some online clothes window shopping (drool!), and even looked at some men’s clothing.

What to do now, what to do…

Oh wait! Here’s a music meme (hrm, I really don’t like that word) from Anj’s tumblr. :)

iPod name: Macy

Sort by artist:
First: Aaliyah
Last: 98 Degrees

Sort by song title:
First Song: Above It All – Building 429
Last Song: 7-14 – Andy McKee

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: I’m Not Wearing Underwear Today – Avenue Q
Longest Song: Seasons – Mae

Sort by album:
First Song: The Cure – Mae – (a)fternoon
Last Song: Still – 98 Degrees – 98 Degrees and Rising

Number of Songs: 2339
Top 10 Most Played Songs:
01. You Could Be the One – Bethany Dillon
02. Until You – Dave Barnes
03. For My Love – Bethany Dillon
04. Praying to the Wrong God – Jon McLaughlin
05. Waste Another Day – Brooke Fraser
06. That’s What You Get – Paramore
07. Overthinking (Acoustic) – Relient K
08. Fearless – Taylor Swift
09. Still in Love – Brooke Fraser
10. Industry – Jon McLaughlin

First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
01. Gravity – Shawn McDonald
02. Gotta Go – Toby Mac
03. I Am Yours – Bethany Dillon
04. The Only One – Ayiesha Woods
05. Always in My Heart – The Moffatts

“sex”, how many songs come up?: 1
“love”, how many songs come up?: 181
“you”, how many songs come up?: 410
“death”, how many songs come up?: 2
“hate”, how many songs come up?: 7
“wish” how many songs come up?: 4
“dream” how many songs come up?: 23

Recognize any songs up there? :P

Well I’m still bored. Going down for ice cream now.

April Showers

Where did April go? Why is it ending so soon?

And look, it’s raining.

So my last post wasn’t exactly the happiest, and I admit that, but right now, things are better. I’m still having mood swings, but I blame the last days of my period on that.

Yes, TMI.

Anyway, look it’s raining. It’s been a while since the bottoms of my pants got wet, and there is some kind of a nostalgic feel to it. And the sound of thunder also feels like of nice, too. Strangely enough. I’m really trying to think positively of the rain and not remember the flood…and well, it’s taking a little bit of effort. And look, PAG-ASA just tweeted that there will be more rains tomorrow.

I’m trying to be happy for this, of course. As long as there’s no power outage, or flood, I’m fine, I’m fine.

Does this mean summer is over? :( BUT BUT BUT!!!

Rain is good. Say it with me.

Rain that lasts for six hours without stopping is not good. But rain like this is good, right?

Relax. Breathe.

Anyway, again. Where did April go? I can’t believe it’s already the end of April and May starts tomorrow. We’re now a month closer to the half of the year, to my brother’s wedding, to many other things, and…why is 2010 going by so fast? Is it even faster than Wait, I’m not yet done with you!!!

This is me panicking. And not making sense, unlike those insurance quotes…but wait, those don’t make sense to me, too.

* * *

Ever since the year started, I’ve been going out a little bit too much. I kind of feel guilty for always being out, but now I always try to make it a point to stay at home during the first weekend of the month, so I can remind my parents that I still live at home spend quality time with the people at home.

This weekend is turned into a long weekend and I started to make plans with some friends for Monday, but then I realized…no, I can’t make plans because my dad’s going to be here, and I promised to stay home for that. So this weekend, we’re heading to Batangas, but not for the beahc, but for some other family event. Monday, I’ll be in Eastwood again even if I don’t have to go to work, for some family thing and then we’ll head over to the airport to drop my dad off again. Hm, I wonder if I can get my family to watch Iron Man 2.

I wonder if it stopped raining already.

* * *

I’m waiting for some friends to get to Eastwood so we can have dinner, and while I’m here, I’m transferring files back to my old/new hard drive. :) I hope I can transfer all my files back tonight.

* * *

Relax, relax, Tina. God is with you and will protect you. He is bigger than the rains or the flood. Be still and know He is God.

Date Night (and then some)

It’s been a while since I did bullets, so let’s go do that now.

  • I’m back on day shift as of last week, and I have been trying harder to get to work earlier than I used to. It takes a lot of effort, but adjusting my gym schedule seemed to work, and so yay. I can actually do this again, you know, and it’s nice to be home waaaay before midnight, too.
  • Weighed in last Wednesday and was very, very surprised at my results. I’m now down to 26.7% of body fat, 4.7% away from my goal! Wohoo! I wonder if I can lose that in 2 weeks? Must not be complacent, now, I’m almost there! :)
  • Since I got pretty good results, Thursday was reward day: got myself a chocolate chip MUFFIN from Gloria Jeans! I didn’t get to take a picture because I ate it all before it had a chance of being on camera, but it was good. :)
  • Met up with Happy that night to watch How To Train Your Dragon at Eastwood. Used my Citibank tickets and was surprised to see that the movie cost Php 201 each. Eep. But the movie was cute, anyway, so it was worth it. :) Just look at this Toothless smile:
  • For the first time ever, I didn’t have anything else to do on a holiday. Everyone else is busy, and it was just way to hot to go out and do something. Plus since payday isn’t until next week, there isn’t anywhere to go too. I ended up going to the gym in the afternoon, and then meeting Pau afterwards. Unplanned days can be fun, but I was close to going crazy in the morning with nothing to do. Okay, I’m exaggerating.
  • Today was better, though. Skipped gym (oops!) and met Cors at Megamall, and did some shopping. Cors shopped for a swimsuit (sexeh wohoo!), I looked for running shoes for next week’s run, some sports bras and books! Cors was supposed to meet a friend afterwards, but her friend cancelled, so I got her to watch Date Night with me. :D It was a nice movie — Steve Carell and Tina Fey were funny, but I think married couples would relate to it more.
  • Highlight of the day: Mondo Juice! Pure and fresh smoothies, yummy sandwiches and cheap desserts = heaven! I didn’t get to take too many photos, though, but I’ll reserve it for the next visit. :) The staff were really friendly, too, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be able to tell me about benefits of colon cleanse and their smoothies. ;) I am definitely, definitely going back.
  • Tomorrow, tomorrow. I need to run to break my shoes in, and get ready for the week ahead. :) And prepare for that upcoming 10k run. Oh, and I just thought of a name for my shoes: Terra. Love it.

So I really better sleep. Or read first. But have a great weekend everyone! :)

A zombie on my lawn

I’m sure everyone here knows about Plants vs. Zombies, right?

Oh come on, you haven’t?! WHYYYY. If you haven’t played it yet, I suggest you turn close your browser, look for a download link and play the game! Like, now!

Anyway to those who don’t know about this, here’s the Wikipedia entry:

Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game developed and published by PopCap Games for Windows, Mac OS X, and iPhone OS. The game involves a homeowner using many varieties of plants to repel an army of zombies. The homeowner, along with a neighbor called Crazy Dave, must defend the homeowner’s house during day or night, in the front yard and the backyard (including the swimming pool), and even on the roof.

I mean, just look at how cute this game is! Where have you been, under a rock?! (Or maybe you’re a zombie? Oh no…braaainz).

Plants vs. Zombies

Anyway. I’ve been playing this game since mid-2009, and I’ve only blogged about this now because I found this:

Plants vs. Zombies Plushie

Aren’t these just the cutest?! I can imagine an entire collection of this (with more than one of each kind) and I’ll set them up on a green carpet to make it look like they’re on an actual lawn. And maybe there would be zombie plushies too and I could set them up attacking! Can you just imagine that?!

I wonder how it would look like if I try to redesign my room with Plants vs. Zombies theme? Haha, addict much?

But they’re just so adorable! The artist, Alix, tells us that she’s planning to make a sunflower soon (if she doesn’t remake the pea-shooter that is). SUNFLOWER! ♥ I can’t wait to see how it would look. And I wonder if these would eventually be for sale…if it does, I hope I can get to order. I shouldn’t be more expensive than home insurance quotes, right?

I swear, I can’t stop squee-ing over this. :P EEEEE! ♥

ADD Moments

day twenty-seven.

You know one thing that’s been catching me off guard with this challenge? It’s that every time I think I had something to write…it turns out I don’t. Or, I suddenly lose whatever idea I had for an entry. Maybe I’m just ADD.

So Sunday. If last Sunday was some kind of lazy, this week was far from it. I got home yesterday from my long day at around 1 in the morning. After posting my entry yesterday, I left Starbucks and headed to our condo, where my mom and brother were waiting. I ended up playing Cooking Dash until we had to go home, and then we agreed to get up early to hear Palm Sunday mass at Christ the King, then head to the Eloquente food tasting for my brother’s wedding at lunch, then at Trinoma, where my brother would be meeting a client and my mom and I would be shopping. Again.

And that’s just what we did. Lots of good food during lunch, and lots of clothes shopping in the afternoon. Mind you, I’ve been shopping since yesterday. I’m happy, my credit card was happy, but my bank account isn’t. At least, not now. ;) I’m still reeling with my expenses as I computed them earlier, and I’m pretty sure my credit report is going to be outrageous again this month…but then again, it’s not like I’m buying them out of plain want. I’m buying them out of need, because I need clothes that fit me better, like what I mentioned before. I’m almost sort of done, except that I still need more tops to mix and match and stuff. Sometimes I think I just have to accept that I really have to spend a bit on some pieces. Or be patient enough to try more clothes.

Or maybe I should just eat before shopping so I won’t get hungry and tired too fast.

Anyway. Enough about shopping. I’ve been thinking of what will happen after my 30 days of celebration is over. I’ll be ending this by March 31, and I won’t be online from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday…then what? What happens to this blog, next? I don’t know, honestly, except that I’m probably going to keep blogging the way I blog. This is a personal blog, after all. Lately, though, I’ve been getting comments from people I don’t know, and I’ve been hearing from some “lurkers” of the blog. I even saw someone on Twitter mention that they linked my blog. So I guess some people do read the stuff I write here, even if most of them are ramblings and personal things! Wow. My blog isn’t as popular as the other people I know but it’s nice to know that people who I don’t know in real life actually read this. :) So if you’re a lurker: hello there. :)

You know what I just realized now? I haven’t eaten dinner. And that’s bad for my diet, really. Oops. That is probably the reason why I forgot what I was supposed to blog about today. :P

Oh, but before I go! I want to do this before the end of this challenge. I signed up for Formspring on my birthday, and I’ve gotten a few questions in, but I sort of kind of want to answer more. I know, how vain of me. But this is my blog anyway. :P Anyway (again, for the third time in this entry), I’m going to post a bunch of the questions and answers here before the challenge ends, and I’d like it very much if you’d give me something to answer. :P So…come one, come all: ask me a question! :)

Of course, I reserve the right to ignore questions that are not appropriate. All for fun people, be nice. :)

Something Random

day twenty-two.

For someone who’s supposed to be talkative, I just ran out of things to say. Or write, rather. So now we go to bullets!

  • I ran 5km again yesterday for the first time since the last time I ran. I wanted to join the Globe run last weekend, but my running friends didn’t want to, plus there wasn’t time to prepare. Of course, since last week was basically fat week from all the birthday celebrations, I knew I needed to do more cardio. So I ran. On the treadmill, of course. And I got to run 5K in 38 minutes, which is the best one I ever ran, and I didn’t even get too winded after. I loved it. :P Of course, running on concrete is different, but it’s just nice to be able to run again and not feel like a weakling. :P
  • And speaking of weight, I weighed in earlier today (the machine is finally working properly at the gym!), and I found out my body fat percentage is now down to 29.5%. FINALLY, I got past 30% again. I can’t seem to get past 30% since December…so now to maintain that! My goal is 22%, so I have 7.5% to go! I can do it…right?
  • And again, speaking of weight (and health), I got my annual physical exam results, and I felt a bit disappointed that I was still found to be overweight. :( Then I realized that the weight measurement during the physical exam wasn’t so accurate, at least not as accurate as the one at the gym, so when my BMI was computed, it was 26. My actual BMI is 24…and that’s not overweight anymore. Although…I think I do have to aim to not be labeled as overweight even if the measurement isn’t accurate. :P One thing’s for sure, I’m going to stick to what I’m doing and work harder to get to my ideal weight — not even the best diet pills can convince me to take them.
  • I don’t think I can wake up early enough for Body Balance tomorrow…if I don’t, I think I’m gonna run again. :)
  • Okay, something not related to weight, or physical stuff, or whatever. March is ending soon! And April’s coming! And…it’s going to be another busy, busy month. :(
  • There’s a tropical depression heading for the Philippines, and just hearing the news is enough to make me nervous. Psalm 91, Tina. God will protect you and your family and your loved ones. Relax.
  • Holy Week is coming soon, and pretty soon, I’ll be able to enter a book store again. I can’t believe I lasted this long without even stepping inside Fully Booked and checking out their shelves. It kind of feels liberating not to go into one, because it lessens my expenses for the month. Maybe I can limit my bookstore visits to once or twice a week? Hm. Let’s see.
  • And to end this entry…I just finished watching The Blind Side. What a heartwarming movie. :) I didn’t cry, but I was close to tears. :p Maybe I’ll write an entry about this tomorrow. :)

I’m going to end this entry with a quote from the movie.

But honor, that’s the real reason you either do something or you don’t. It’s who you are and maybe who you want to be. If you die trying for something important then you have both honor and courage, and that’s pretty good. I think that’s what the writer was saying, that you should hope for courage and try for honor. And maybe even pray that the people telling you what to do have some too.

Have a great night everyone. :)

Lazy Sunday

day twenty.

I think I missed the arrival of summer.

Ah summer. I don’t know if I missed you.

You know what’s funny about me and summer? I hardly get to go to the beach during actual summer time. Summer plans always fall through somehow. Most of the people I know take the opportunity to go some beach during the Holy Week, but family and beliefs make me stay at home and celebrate the week in a different way.

I can’t imagine going to the beach during Holy Week.

But I digress.

I wish it’s that easy to go to the beach anytime I want to, especially during summer. I wish the beaches are just one to two hours away, so I can always enjoy the salty air and stop complaining about the heat because who complains of the heat when you’re at a beach? Hearing the waves, feeling the sand between your toes and seeing everyone frolic by the shore in swimsuits (that may or may not fit better because of diet aids) and summer outfits just reduces the annoyance with the heat, don’t you think?


We’ve got a couple of beach plans and I really hope they push through, even just one trip for this summer. Just so I can actually enjoy the beach during summertime. I don’t care if it’s just some place near — bring me to the beach!!! We can reserve the higher, more expensive resorts sometime at the latter part of the year, when airfare and accommodation is cheaper. :P

So friendships! We are going, right? Let’s make it happen, please? :)

But right now I’d have to content myself with looking at beach pictures and hoping that I’d get there sometime soon. Sigh.