Best Friends

Day 12I was intending to post about my current weight loss achievement, but WordPress in Macy ate my entry, so I’ll post about that another time, when I feel like it again. Or when I reach another significant milestone (hopefully soon!).

So for the past few weeks/months, I’ve been having “gimmick merges”. Meaning, I go out with a friend and then we meet up with another friend and then we meet up with another friend and all of us would end up going out in one gimmick with only me as their common link. It’s fun because my friends all get along and then I can go out with all of them and not worry about leaving other people out or something like that.

This kind of set up made me think a lot, though. One of the things that my teammates tell me when I tell stories about my childhood or high school or college is that I seem to have a lot of best friends. Which is kind of true: I have a best friend back in elementary who is now in Vegas, I have a best friend in high school, I have a best friend in college. I may even have a work best friend but I don’t really label it now.

Sometimes I wonder if the people I call best friends are actually still my best friends, and the people I don’t, are the ones who are my best friends. It’s not about being mean, or giving up the friendship. But you know, people change. I change, they change. Maybe at this particular moment of my life, they’re the ones who were always there, that’s why they were my best friends. But now that some of us have drifted apart, or at least, not in contact so much, we hardly know each other at all.

I’m not sure if I’m making much sense. But wait, what is a best friend anyway? Is it someone who you’re always with? Is it just someone who you can’t imagine your life without? Is it someone who would cry with you and laugh with you and go with you through hell if needed be?

Sometimes I wonder if because I have so many best friends that the term has lost its meaning on me. Maybe I used the term too loosely. You know? Sometimes I feel guilty when another friend calls me his/her best friend when I don’t exactly call him/her that. Except that maybe we really do hang out a lot together, and I know that he/she is one who will stay.

Maybe I’m just overthinking, you know.

Or maybe, it’s okay to have a lot of best friends. :)