Designing, and then some

Let’s continue being geeky because I’ve got some updates. No, no new themes (yet), but just some plain domain updates. Look up at the navigation menu and you’ll see that there seems to be a lot of new things there. Well, you’re right, there are a lot of new things there. Let’s list them, shall we?

  • Domain Information – I delayed adding this before because I haven’t got the screenshots of the past two layouts up, plus I wanted to do some revisions. Anyway, they’re up now, with minor revisions, mainly on the content. Oh, and I just took a look at my entire layout history — man, I’ve been through so many years and layouts, what else can I do to add variety? Hmmm.
  • WP Themes – Yes, I’m standing up to this newfound geekness I started doing so I have a separate page for my WP Themes. I’m still thinking if I need to put up a separate page for each theme, but since I’m still new at this and I only have two themes up for now, one page will suffice.
  • Contact – I can’t find a place to stick the contact form other than this page, so here. :) I need to make new link buttons.
  • Writings Finally, I figured out how to manage my subpages! I didn’t want to put it up without proper navigation and after some short code tweaking, it works! I will put up some NaNoWriMo dedicated pages, but you may now hop over there and read old writings and maybe even comment. :P
    UPDATE 11:33PM: NaNoWriMo novel pages are up! :)
  • About Me – This is not new, but I put up some subpages there too. I still have to revise these pages just because I want to.

I also put up links to my (yet to be updated again) online portfolio and Godchicks, of course. =)

Can I just say I really enjoyed all the webdesign/programming things I’ve done since last week? Ahhh. I love it! I remember this is the main reason why I took up Computer Science in college. :-B Now if only I could really apply it in the real world, as in do this for a living. Now that would be fun. :D