Food Trips

It’s way past the time it should be dinner time, but until now we don’t have anything to eat just yet. Ever since my mom went to Saipan, our menu at home has been limited to my cooking skills. I’m not always the healthiest cook mostly because of the limited time and knowledge for cooking (ask me to bake, then that’s a different story :P). What my brother and I usually have at home is something fast, easy to cook and prepare (and that sounds exactly like fastfood).

But let me just say, I am so sick of eating the same kind of food every day. Argh. Fastfood ain’t fun to eat everyday, not to mention unhealthy. I miss being able to eat different kinds of lutong bahay ((Read: home-cooked food)) that my mom cooks. I miss having to smell different kinds of smell everytime I go home, and being surprised by the food that she cooks. Hay, I really need to learn how to cook proper meals soon, and actually cook them.

So now that we’re talking about food, here are some of the food I’m craving for right now. Eat your heart out!

  1. Crispy fried tilapia – as in very, very crispy, like when I bite I can hear its crispiness. Yum yum. That, with lots of tomatoes, rice and some patis (fish sauce).
  2. Crispy fried galunggong – Yum yum yum.
  3. Daing na bangus. Same as above. :)
  4. Isaw. So unhealthy, but so good especially with lots and lots of spicy vinegar. Enough said.
  5. Fried liempo – just the way my mom used to cook it.
  6. Chicken with mushroom sauce – my brother and I tried to cook this once, but the chicken wasn’t all good anymore, so it tasted a bit too yucky already. Boo.
  7. Scrambled eggs and tuna – in short, torta. I’m gonna cook this one tomorrow, actually. :P The spicier the tuna, the better. :)
  8. My mom’s macaroni and squash soup – my favorite sick day meal. It’s got no meat, just tofu, squash, macaroni and lots of oregano. :)
  9. Pancit Malabon – I want it full of flavor. :) With lots of hard boiled eggs. Haha. There’s a Pancit Malabon booth at Eastwood, must check that out.
  10. Tapsilog – I want the classic one, not the ones I can buy at Eastwood. Something ala Vivian’s Tapsilog in Marikina. =9 Big chunks of tapa, garlicky rice and sunny-side up eggs.
  11. Sinigang na bangus – milkfish stewed with different kinds of vegetables with a sour tamarind flavor.
  12. Sinigang na hipon – same as above, only shrimp. :) Better be careful with the allergies, though. :D
  13. A nice, fresh and healthy salad. We usually have our own salad bars at home and my mom usually puts different kinds of stuff in it: grapes, ripe mangoes, nuts, pomelo. Mix that together with the other usual salad stuff (lettuce, tomato, carrots, hard boiled eggs, etc) drizzled with natural Ceasar Salad dressing. Yummeh.
  14. Kwek-kwek. Translation: quail eggs covered with orange colored flour. It’s not exactly the healthiest kind of food, but it’s good to eat every once in a while. :) Mike! Kwek-kwek break?
  15. This has to be the weirdest, but I’m so craving for Chocnut.

Argh, now I am even hungrier. Time to raid the kitchen and get cooking. Hmm. I guess I’ll just go cook the hotdogs right now for dinner. Tomorrow I shall cook again for lunch, and again it’s something fried. But I swear to myself that I’m going to find some veggies from whatever garden of life there is in Eastwood just so I can eat a bit healthier. *determined nod*

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  1. Tapsilog – One of my favorites :D

    Kwek-kwek & Chocnut are my favorites when I was in high school. I eat them right after our class, waiting for my ka-service

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