For My Love ♥

Valentine's Day 2007So how was your Valentine’s day? Mine was okay. I wore red, because I felt like it. People in the office asked me if I had a date, to which I answered “No” with a smile. I saw flowers being delivered all over the office and the mall, but it didn’t bother me as much as it did the past years. I felt really pretty in my favorite red blouse and khaki pants, enjoyed free lunch thanks to my boss, and I was happy with just doing my work, plus spiffying up Godchicks and promoting the site to everyone who I would come across.

I wasn’t expecting anything that day because who would send me anything on Valentine’s Day? I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I would have minimal gifts for that day until God gives me His gift, and keeping that in mind makes me less bitter for the occasion. So imagine my surprise when that rose (see picture) arrives at the office, with my officemates giving me friendly jokes about who gave me the rose.

I received a rose for Valentine’s Day. With that cute little bear. In a big box. Wow. Don’t I feel special!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s not from someone. It’s actually from a vendor (work related people, in short), and they gave roses to the girls they know here in the office. :P Anne, my officemate, got one too, and we’re like two of the few remaining singles here in the office.

But it was a very nice surprise. :) No matter how much people say that Valentine’s Day is commercialized, flowers are overrated and that roses are old school, it still feels good to receive flowers from someone, especially on that day. Come on girls, admit it! It’s enough to make you smile and blush slightly. :P

Anyway, so that was Valentine’s Day. Because of all the hoopla with Godchicks, I was focused more on that than on this. :D And speaking of Godchicks, I posted something there earlier that I’d like to share with everyone. :D

This is one of my current favorite love songs, sang by the young, beautiful and talented Bethany Dillon. I’ve been listening to this song around November, and I love every bit of it. It’s perfect! Read the lyrics:

For My Love
Bethany Dillon (2004)

Walk towards me
I want to hear
The heavens singing over you
When you breathe
And look at me
I want to be captured by you

Gaze into my eyes
And let me know you’d fight
Thousands, for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Just ask me for my love

I want to hide
What’s deep in my eyes
I’m scared to be known by you
But when I turn my head
And see you there
I want to be pursued

A dream I won’t wake from
A story that will never end
The ground your feet walk on
Let me be there, let me be there

Bethany Dillon: Acoustic Guitar
Dan Needham: Drums
Calvin Turner: Bass
Ben Shive: Piano
Ed Cash: Wurli, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin
Ken Lewis: Percussion
Background Vocals: Ed Cash

Gaze into my eyes, let me know you’d fight thousands for my love. ♥ ♥ ♥ Here’s a story about it (from Bethany‘s website, emphasis mine):

It’s deeply rooted in every woman- the question, “Do I stand out in a crowd?” The vision of someone walking across a room and asking me to dance plays over and over in my mind; out of the whole room, I was chosen. I’ll be honest, I’m fifteen… I have crushes… but more than whimsical feelings and fickle emotion, I really do want to be fought for. I long to be recklessly pursued. I’m looking for true love, something honest and untainted, with no hidden agenda but that it wants to chase after me.

I love Psalm 45: “Listen to me, O royal daughter; take to heart what I say. Forget your people and your homeland far away. For your royal husband delights in your beauty.” That’s it! That’s what every chick flick revolves around, that’s what every romance novel is written about, those are the exact words that made me want to be a princess when I was younger.

The sad reality is, though, that women often aren’t validated and reassured that they’re worth that kind of affection. It scars us in the deepest places and causes us to cover our mouths when we smile and hide who we truly are. But, that’s what I love about Jesus—he’s a husband to the widow, the freer of a captive heart.

Exciting! I wonder how it feels to be pursued? To be fought for. Waaaait. Scratch that, why am I wondering still? I’m being pursued right now. I’ve been fought for and is still being fought for. No, there isn’t a guy as of now…not here, that is. There is Someone who’s been wooing my heart since I was born. And I give in to that wooing…and then stray away…then go back again. All the time, He’s still fighting for me. In fact, He even died for me.

I’m being pursued! I’m being fought for! Wow.

Were you single this last Valentine’s Day? Don’t be sad about it. =) If you’ve been waiting for someone to fight for you, who thinks you’re worthy to be pursued and wooed for your love, stop. Because He’s already here. Jesus loves you like a man crazily in love with his wife, like a boyfriend who is about to propose to his girlfriend. Jesus pursues you everyday, and He thinks every bit of you is worth fighting (and dying) for. :) Bask in that love, because it’s yours forever. :)

Be blessed. ♥