Happy Switchyear!

Day 10This night two years ago, I was in Cuneta Astrodome, screaming/singing my lungs out as Switchfoot rocked the house. :D I was also very tired that day, from lack of sleep and lack of food, because we had to arrange everything for the concert. Wait, let me correct that — I was tired for almost an entire month because of all the ticket selling too! But then again, I don’t think I felt the exhaustion until after the concert.

Switchfoot in Manila (Photo by Andy Barron)
Switchfoot in Manila (Photo by Andy Barron)

So. Where were you last September 10, 2007? :)

* * *

It’s been two years and that night still ranks as one of my favorite nights. There’s something about the rush of the event, the excitement and the busy-ness of a concert night, not to mention really nice and humble and awesome artists to make a night memorable, you know?

I’m listening to their albums right now, and I have to say — I missed them! Their stay here two years ago was just too short, plus I haven’t been listening to their albums for a while, so this is the right night to listen to them again, me thinks.

And what do you know, they’re releasing a new album soon!  Hello Hurricane, out November 10, 2009! :)

As a treat, Switchfoot has been hiding copies of their first single, Mess Of Me around the world. I was wondering how it would get to the Philippine shores so I tweeted to them…and what do you know, they’re giving away the single on Twitter, too!

But, there’s a catch. Once they send you the track, you should burn it in a CD and hide it in your area for other people to find and do the same thing too. Kind of like a modern scavenger hunt, only with one item. :)

Mess of Me :D
Mess of Me :D

I was thrilled to get a direct message from Switchfoot, but it took me a few days before I actually got to burn CDs and hide them. Sorry, it’s been a long time since I last burned CDs, and work was horrendous. Anyway, I finally got to burn some CDs before the long weekend. And I only got to find it a hide all of them today (yeah, I know):

The Hunt for Mess of Me
The Hunt for Mess of Me

Left to right, top to bottom, the CDs are:

  • In the back issue magazine stand in a small Booksale branch in Sta Lucia East Grand Mall — look for the Jonas Brothers. :P
  • In between two Stargirl books in National Bookstore Cybermall, in Eastwood, Libis.
  • Near the beverage area in the Fitness First lounge in Robinson’s Metro East (you’d have to be a member to get in, though).
  • In the Bearista basket in Starbucks, Eastwood Mall.

I wish I could’ve gone to more places to hide the CDs, because I really wanted to have more people have them, but alas, I am challenged with the transportation. Oh well. But I know more people has them, so keep your eyes peeled, you might just get a free CD. :)

But if you can’t find them, fear not. The guys have made a video for the song and you can watch it here:


Told you they’re awesome. :)

Manila misses you already Switchfoot! Come back soon! :)