Hunger strike?

I’m hungry. I know I can just grab anything from the kitchen and gobble it up, but the thing is, I sort of can’t. But I can. It’s because of this 24-hour fast my mom and I are supposed to do today. It’s supposed to run from 6:00pm last night to 6:00pm tonight but because I didn’t eat dinner before 6pm last night, I decided not to do the fast and do it another day. But then I found myself tinkering with this website and I haven’t eaten anything except for this teensy little bar of chocolate earlier.

And now I’m hungry.

So am I still fasting? I don’t know. The chocolate would have broken my fast already, but I’m afraid that I’ve thrown off my eating patterns today that the next moment I eat, I’d eat too much.

But I’m hungry. I’m also afraid that if I eat later, I’d binge eat and let’s forget the entire purpose of the fasting thing already. Maybe I should just grab some fruits and Skyflakes and munch on that until 6:00pm. I have two hours left anyway; might as well follow through with it.

Why am I fasting anyway? It’s one of these “weight-loss” self programs my mom is into and because I’ve got nothing better to do, decided to jump in as well. Ever since my dad stopped eating pork and beef and learned these new live healthy tips from books and other sources, we’ve been trying to adapt it here at home too. So we’ve stopped eating pork, lessened our beef intake and have been concentrating more on organic and healthy foods here at home. Call us “semi-vegetarians”. :P

To be honest, I feel a lot better now that I know I’m eating healthier than I used to. I’m starting to enjoy a plate of salad for a meal instead of having a full-course one, and I’m starting to like the taste of a lot more fruits than I used to. My mom also keeps on making watermelon shakes, which I’ve grown to love and fruits are never off the table after every meal. I can’t say I’ve lost as much weight as I would have if I used a diet pill that works, but I think I’ve maintained my weight as of now.

I do, however, need to get moving to get some exercise so I could actually lose these flabs. Because it’s been rainy lately, I can’t exactly go out and jog (plus the fact that dogs abound the neighborhood and I’m afraid of being chased by dogs). But who says I can’t exercise indoors? Haha, my mom actually bought VCDs of Belly dancing and Pilates, so that should be enough for now.

BUT WAIT! I need one more thing! Motivation! I need to motivate myself. Hmmm…*looks at old pants that don’t fit anymore* That should be motivation enough. For now. :P

Okay now to grab those crackers.