Junk, Joy, Jesus


For the first time this week, I woke up and did not feel stressed. How about that. I really think getting through the call last night turned the tbales around for me. My to-do list is long for today, but I don’t mind — I can do it in 9 hours. I think. I can, of course!

So yes, I’ve never been happier that it’s the weekend, and the call is over. I have a feeling we might have more of that sometime soon, but at least I know I can handle it. Scratch that, that God and I can handle it. I couldn’t have spoken that fluently if it weren’t for God’s grace. :)

To put another positive note on this Friday (yes, let’s keep on being positive), I thought of doing something that the guys of In Between Sundays do with their podcast. They call it the 3 J’s, or the Junk, Joy and Jesus moments. With the 3 J’s, they’re supposed to give their Junk, Joy and Jesus moments during the week. I thought I’d do the same thing too, and regularly, to put things into perspective (because we all need to have the right ones, right?).


My junk moments this week is mostly the stress. I’ve been so stressed and depressed early this week that I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. :( I just wanted to lie down and read and do nothing, accept no responsibility whatsoever. Ah, don’t you hate it when that happens?

Another junk, at least for now, is the new shift that I seem to be having a hard time adjusting to. It’s only semi-permanent, but staying at work up until 1am got me really tired, and I feel rushed all the time. Plus it’s wrecking all kinds of havoc on my circadian rhythm, and now I fall asleep at 3:00am. Not good. :/ I end up reading and surfing for random things online like new books and activities and treatment for eczema, it’s crazy.


Okay, joy. I guess  my joy is finishing the call last night, and rewarding myself with new books. :D I’ve been resisting Amazon’s Kindle store but drooling to get new books for review, and at the end of the call last night, I got myself Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce and The Rise of Renegade X by Chelsea Campbell.

So now no more buying, not yet. I need to make a dent in my reading list first.


I’m going to have to repeat myself now because my Jesus moment is also my Joy moment: the success of the call last night. It felt like I passed thesis again. :P Plus, it was nice to hear that our clients appreciated my work, and I have to remember that if not for God’s grace, I wouldn’t be able to do all that. So credit goes to Him, always. :)

Hm, now that I think about it…Jesus moments are always Joy moments, right? :)

There you go. I really think I’ll do this on a weekly basis to remind myself of the more important things.

And now I need to get started with work. :P Or at least, get ready for work. Have a great Friday everyone!