Lifehouse in Manila

Thanks to Yam, I found out about Lifehouse’s upcoming visit to Manila on July 26, 2008. Talk about big thing! My fellow Street Team friends and I were just talking about it! I was kind of hoping our team would handle Lifehouse’s first visit to Manila…but oh well. Too bad. It would’ve been amazing, though, hanging out with them and all. But oh well.

Anyway, YES, Lifehouse is coming, and here are the ticket prices:

PATRON VIP (101,103 aka center) – Php4890
Patron (elevated area) – Php3890
Lower Box – Php3890
Upper A  – Php1890
Upper B – Php990

No general admission? Hm, is it because they’re not expecting a full coliseum? And the price for LowerBox seems wrong, because even if the same priced Patron is elevated, it’s still not the same as Lowerbox.

But anyway. At least it’s cheaper than Maroon 5, and way cheaper than gps fleet tracking devices. More expensive than Switchfoot or Hillsong United, but then again, that’s us. Because I’m sort of a cheapskate (and because I predict that I’ll be sort of bankrupt by then), I’m eyeing Upper A or Upper B tickets. It’s enough if I hear them, yes?

Who else is watching? :D

6 thoughts on “Lifehouse in Manila”

  1. hi ate tina!

    remember me? this is trin, yung genrever before. :-P i might be coming. if ever, see you there!

  2. good eve, I am camille basa, tasked to interview Lifehouse for a mainstream magazine. I went online to seek prior information on the band, comments, fans, etc. . i’ve heard some of lifehouse’s songs and wanted to ask enthusiasts like yourself if you had any questions you wanted to pose to the band; anything of interest to you which may/may not be published in the magazine. your insight and dimension would be a great addition to the band enabling followers like yourself a richer insight into their craft. kind regards, c.basa

  3. The concert was a blast! I was literally in tears by the end of it, especially since they sang “Broken”. I hope they come back to the Philippines for another great show.

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