May's End

I’m taking a break from all the preparations we’ve been doing for the past few days for tomorrow’s General Assembly for our work. I figured I haven’t written anything not book-related for the past few weeks, and yes, I do feel guilty about that, at least on my blog’s behalf, that is.

So…let’s try a personal post. Hodge podge, yet personal. If you need term life insurance…well, you won’t find it here. :P

So now I’m typing this entry on my sorta brand new office laptop — a Lenovo Thinkpad  T400. It’s kind of nice to have more space on my desk and to not worry about leaving any files at work and not getting access to it until I get home. Plus it’s always nice to have a new gadget, even if it’s not really mine. However, it can be kind of a pain to carry a laptop to and from work every time, and I can’t say that it doesn’t make me a teensy bit paranoid on my going home so late at night during weeknights. Now see where most of my money is going: cab fare. Hmpf. Good thing I managed to score a pretty nice laptop bag — a gray and blue Belkin Slim Backpack. It’s pretty and very comfortable to bring around, although it’s not as huge and spacey as my old laptop bag. But it’s nice. :)

I still haven’t made a Hong Kong post, and it’s been almost two weeks since our trip. Sorry about that. I just realized that with all the out of country trips that I’ve been to, I didn’t really make a proper post about it. Thailand, Saipan/Guam, Singapore and Hong Kong. Maybe it’s because I didn’t take too much pictures of myself? Or maybe because I’m just tired? Don’t really know. But I will try to write about it — I have a lot of stash to write about. Haha. :P I just hope I remember everything. ;)

Right now almost all TV shows I’m watching are now on season breaks, so now I’m watching other shows I have ignored, but are unfortunately close to cancellation/cancelled. Like Kings. I’ve always loved re-tellings, and I never thought King David’s story could be so political. Interesting. Too bad the series has been cancelled, and there’s only six episodes left. What could be done to have long-standing series anyway? Hm.

I can’t wait for May to be over. Not only because tomorrow means the GA is over, since it’s been causing us quite a bit of stress. However, June coming means half of the year is almost over…and where did the first half of the year go? I haven’t even been to the beach for the past few months! Eep! The first week of June should be a bit light on me, though — I’ve got training from Tuesday to Thursday. Finally.

There’s a lot more I should be writing about…but I really should focus on work. And do the calls I need to do. So now…I work. More later….or thia weekend. Ta-ta! :D