Post-Switchfoot thoughts and some detox

Again, sorry for the lack of entries. The work week was kind of crazy, not to mention that I still have a hangover of what happened last Monday night, I pretty much pushed blogging out of my mind. Seriously, how could you think of anything else besides that? Haha okay, I shall stop talking about it because I’m supposed to be on detox mode now, but obviously I’m not.

*Is currently listening to Oh! Gravity album* :D

But before I stop talking about it, I’m honored. My previous entry has been mentioned here and here. :D I am honored. Again, it’s been an amazing experience, and we all can’t wait to have the guys back here for a longer stay. :)

Oh, and can I just say? I can’t help but feel so kilig when I see referrals to my blog. :D Wheee!

During one of my awake moments last Monday crossing Tuesday, I realized that one of the things I really wanted to do in my life is to be one of the production people for concerts and whatnot. Add to that dream was to be able to watch concerts of artists that I love. The latter is actually quite difficult because even if I have the money, the artists I like hardly ever visit here. :(

That’s why I’m really, really thankful that I was able to meet Jomar and Reeya. Jomar was the guy who got me into the Street Team thing starting with the Reuben Morgan thing in Manila, and that’s when I met Reeya. And it all started there. It was only last Monday when I realized that I am actually living my dream. Although there’s still a long line of artists that I still want to meet and watch live, I know that I still have time and that this is one of those steps. :)

To Jomar and Reeya: THANK YOU. :)

Meeting them is actually more than being able to watch them. Meeting them not in a starstruck way, but as how you meet new friends. Until now I’m still amazed how I managed not to scream like a little girl when I finally saw them. It was amazing how I was able to approach them and talk to them just as how I would talk to other people around me. And I guess it’s because in the end, they’re also just people. Like me, like you. Of course, they sing better than me, but they’re also people. Moreover, they’re people who believe and love the same God, which makes it even more awesome, don’t you think? :)

So this is me trying to get back to normal programming. Work’s been piling up, but it’s okay. :D I love my teammates (wheee), and I felt kind of bad for missing last Friday’s birthday treat from the boss. But at least I got to write on his birthday gift, which apparently, according to Grace, everyone thought was cute. Aww. :) Haha I’m so blessed to be with these people, even if I know they will all tease me to death on Monday for not being there last Friday.

But it’s okay, since I got to spend my Friday night with two of my favorite people. :) But can I say? Alabang is really so far away. Haha. :))

Although I do feel kind of bad again because my best friend couldn’t make it. It just sucks because she’s leaving tomorrow for the US and she hasn’t even seen Tuesday ever since she arrived. The last time the four of us we were complete was…March 2006. And it wasn’t even on my birthday pa. :(

I don’t know, I just feel sad about it. She missed Monday’s concert and she missed this and she’s leaving tomorrow and I have no idea what her plans are or what. I don’t even know when she’s coming back. And I feel like I’ve been cheated of quality time with her because of all other things we all have to deal with in life.


The last news for today is that, Ginger, my beloved laptop, is breaking down. I don’t know if a reformat would do the trick again, or if my hard drive is really tired and needs to be put to rest. :( I haven’t restored most of my files ever since they all “magically” disappeared a little over a month ago. But the good news is, my mom told me to look for a replacement for my laptop and we could work out a way of payment for us for it. Not bad, not bad. I’d like that. As much as I love Ginger, I think it is time to put her to rest.

But with all the expenses…I might need a budgeting software for that. Hmmm. Let’s see, let’s see.

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