Pre-summer nights

Has anyone noticed how hot it has been lately? The kind of hot that seems to burn down on your skin? Ergh. It’s sad that the cold weather is already gone. As much as I love bright and sunny days, it’s just so hard to go out under the relentless sun.

Although this kind of heat reminds me of some fond afternoons and nights. Like sitting in front of electric fans set to number three while reading or watching TV…or long conversations under the shade of some trees, waiting for a breeze. Bumming around at home, watching TV all afternoon while munching on Chippy and washing it down with a big glass of ice cold Coke. Summer afternoons eating P15 halo halo at Dingalan, or sleeping on a mat outside the small yard of one GK house in Dingalan, Aurora for siesta, resting for the afternoon before going back to build work before dinner.

Ah, summer. As much as I hate the heat, I can’t help but love you. This summer though, since I am working and still have no available leaves, there won’t be too much summer outings for me. :( Unless I go on weekend trips, but they’re always so bitin. Hmmm.

But anyway. I won’t think about summer just yet because another significant event has to happen first before I can feel it’s summer already. :P More on that significant event later. What about you, though? What are your plans this summer?

Random things before I go: I’m listening to Anberlin‘s Cities…and it’s good so far. Yez, new music! Haha. :) Oh yeah, and I’m nominated here…along with 70+ other people. Good luck. But whoever nominated me, thanks! :)

Please let my PC have internet tomorrow. Please? More to that tomorrow, if I have Internet. :P Good night world.