I was bloghopping through my Google Reader (wait, is that right?) and I read about Abe’s, Luis‘ and Juned‘s post about Ratified.org, this new Filipino blog ranking site which gathers data from Technorati and ranks the blogs according to their incoming links ((See complete description here)).

I submitted my blog just for fun, thinking that I would probably not even get inside the Top 100. But a few hours later, what do you know? I’m actually at # 88 ((What’s weird is that Mae is also in #88, and she has a higher Technorati rank than I do, so I should be at #89, right?))!

Refine Me at 88!
Refine Me at #88!

And I’m a break out too! How cool is that?! :P

I remember a few months back, Jomar and I were talking about how we get our Technorati ranks and how many people link to us and how poor we were with regards to these kind of ranking, but after being immersed with fellow bloggers (and getting lots and lots and lots of link love!) and with the recent WP theme-making stints, I’m surprised and pleased at how this baby of mine has moved — after three years. :P Wahaha, to think I’ve been blogging for about five or so years already but it was only now that I’m actually paying attention to these things. :P I think we can see the reason why I never got to go up like this in ranking and such before — just look at the way I used to blog. Que horror!

Anyway, I bet I’d be kicked out of that spot as soon as other more popular bloggers get listed in Ratified.org, but I’m happy that my baby managed to get in at the Top 100 on its first submission. :P That should be enough…for now. This means…more to come after! :P Yeahbah.

How about you? Have you submitted your blog to be Ratified? :)

UPDATE, 4:03 pm: Like I said. I’m no longer at # 88, I’m already at #89. :P