3 thoughts on “So It Ends”

  1. It sucks loosing computer files. The worst thing about keeping digital files. I have this span of time in 2003 – like March to August, or something, that i have no files for. I don’t even know how they got lost.. but they’re gone. It sucks too because in those files are alot of pictures I wish I still had – Prom, Graduation Banquet, some performances that I did. I also lost files from the end of the school year – java programs I wrote, etc etc. :S Dumb thing is, I think at the time, I was holding files for my friend – files that we share at least, like the prom pics, and he doesn’t have any of those either

  2. oh yeah.. the other reason I was commenting.. lol, sorry I just finished working and my mind is still in disarray… Don’t you love the feeling of finishing a series of books? It’s kind of like, you’re glad that you finished reading through and you know what happened to the characters, but then you feel really sad that it’s over and want to know even more? Haha, I never read any Harry Potter books, but I have this series that I read, The Corps by WEB Griffin, it’s war novels… there’s 11 books in the series, and I’ve been through them 3 times (some of the books in the series I’ve read as many as 5-6 times). Haha. Same goes with TV shows.. like when Friends ended, and Band of Brothers too…

  3. wow.. buti ka pa nakabili sa doulos!!! the last time the boat went here was 1988… and that was the year i was born. di pa sila dumadaan dito.. hayy.. sana dumaan sila dito one of these days….

    ouch.. i dont pretty much like losing computer files.. sakit sa heart lalo na pag walang back up.

    it’s ok to avoid them.. when you dont feel like talking too.. i mean what’s the point of listening to them when you don’t feel good listening about it? di ba? and you are right… it’s their fault whatever it is that is happening sa love life nila.. hehe

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