My laptop Ginger decided to act up this morning.

It was working perfectly well last night, but when I turned it on a little while ago, I got a blue screen which said, Unmountable_Boot_Drive. I shrugged it off and restarted but I got the same thing. And again. And again. I can’t even get into the OS.

So I went online on my brother’s computer to check how to fix it…and they said that I should use my XP CD to repair it. I only have my Product Recovery CD from the laptop package so I inserted it, followed a couple of warnings that my hard drive would be erased, thinking that it will ask me once again if it will do just that, then it showed the screen that I always see when I was reformatting.


Then when it was time to insert the second disk, I put it in but for some reason, Ginger didn’t read the CD and the process was aborted. I tried restarting it again and now I’m not seeing the blue screen, but a warning that my LAN card wasn’t installed and nothing else.

Uh-oh again.

I have this really bad feeling that I have to reformat Ginger to work again…and yes, she is due for reformat.

But here’s the thing:


Okay, my last reformat was May 2006, and I do have somes files backed up there…and my iPod has my music and some of my videos. But that’s it! And I did not backup everything because I used my brother’s old iPod to save some of my files, which are all inside Ginger already…plus it’s been a year! My music! My videos! My photos! My just downloaded Joan of Arcadia season 2! My writings! My layouts! Gone!

I’m still stunned. I don’t know what to do. I turned Ginger off already and told myself to work on her tonight, because I’m about to go out and get Harry Potter 7 and go bowling with some officemates…and then I’ll go back to her tonight. I’m still hoping that I could recover the files inside Ginger, even if it’s only my writings and the web stuff I did…but I’m getting myself ready for the fact that I may have lost all my files. :(

Hay. Please say a prayer for Ginger for me?

The first thing I’m going to buy myself when I get my salary is an external HDD!

2 thoughts on “Stunned”

  1. Yikes, that’s tough luck! Good luck, indeed. I know what that’s like — I experienced a HUGE DISASTER last year and I learned form that fiasco (I still cry over it, sometimes…. all the stuff I lost. Boo hoo.)

    I always backup now (or rather clone — an EXACT clone of the entire disk – settings, everything) once a week… and of course, daily file backups of important things (i.e. work and crucial personal stuff).

    I use a software called Acronis True Image for cloning my disk. It’s easy to use and it’s fast, too. If I ever get a virus or whatever, I can just insert the backup disk and load off it… and then copy the clone. Works great.

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