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Help Pyro Meet Batista!

Pyro is a cute three year old boy who, just like any other boy, likes mocha cake, Spongebob Squarepants and wrestling. However, Pyro is different because of one thing: He is fighting the Big C. Pyro is suffering from lung cancer, and has gone through 8 chemo treatments, 2 major chest surgeries and 30 radiation treatments.

I don’t know Pyro or any of his relatives, but I got to his Aunt’s blog for him and I want to do my share to help. It’s sad to see someone so young suffering from a really bad disease like that, and as much as we want to just take away the disease from him, we can’t…but we can try to make him smile.

So together with the prayers that I am asking you guys who visit my site to give to Pyro in behalf of his family, I’d also like to ask for some help. See, Pyro is a big fan of Batista, the Filipino-Greek WWE Superstar. And it’s just proper timing that Smackdown is going to be held here in the Philippines this October. And if you connect all of that, you’d know that Pyro would love to meet Batista.

If you know how to contact any of Batista’s management or whoever it is that can be contacted so that he would get to meet his idol, please don’t hesitate to contact his Aunt through here and here. Let’s help put a smile on this little boy’s face. :)

[Source: Yugatech.com and Wifely Steps]