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Sunday Seven # 1: Favorite Coffee Mugs

Apologies for the abundance of posts. I’ve got 10 more links I need to put up in different entries, and I’ve got to finish them before next week since most of them are overdue already. I’m trying to best to make interesting posts so they’re not all boring and sponsored-like.

Friday Five, Thursday Thirteen and now Sunday Seven. :) The things people come up with to make interesting blog entries. :) This week’s Sunday Seven is all about mugs.

Name the designs, characters or messages depicted on your seven favorite coffee mugs.

Okay, this is hard. I’m a coffee drinker, but I basically use the same mugs over and over again, which we also basically share at home. Plus all these mugs aren’t fancy, none of them had fantastic designs or school related, like mugs printed with Penn State football designs or something similar. I don’t have to list only the ones I’m using, right? I could list the ones that are still sitting pretty on our mug display, right?

Oh stop blabbing and start listing. :P

  1. My mug at work is this blue, orange, pink and white polka-dotted mug which an old colleague gave me as a Christmas present.
  2. This blue, green and white mug I got back during INTROSO class in college as a prize for reciting. It has little boats on it.
  3. This Mickey Mouse mug my brother got from his ex-girlfriend that I use when someone else uses my mug at home.
  4. The one written with “Mondays are uncalled for.” It’s the hugest mug we have at home.
  5. The golfer mug my dad got for Christmas one year. It has Bugs Bunny on it, with a little spinning golf ball on the handle.
  6. This pretty tall brown mug with little spirals on it. I forgot where we got it.
  7. And finally, this GMA mug I got as a freebie at the Blog Parteeh ’07. I’m no Kapuso, but I like having a mug from a TV station. ;)

That’s creative. I wish I could show photos of it, but Ginger is still Photoshop-free and the only graphic editing I could do at home can only be done on my brother’s PC, which he is using to play DoTA right now. Er.

CSI: Miami and then bed time! Have a great week ahead, friends. :)