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Hey there, working girl

Hello, I’m alive. It feels like I haven’t been here for a long time but it’s only two nights. That’s how much of a blog-addict I became back during bum time.

Work is okay, so far. Not much to tell, except that I finally have my desk by tomorrow (I just hope the computer is already set up by the time I arrive tomorrow so I can at least try to play with it). I’ve gone on small trainings with my boss, but there’s nothing much to do yet, except learn and understand the current system. My boss is really nice though, and he let me tag along his meeting earlier even if it’s just for a short time. I’m learning a lot and I bet I’m going to learn a bit more soon.

It’s just my luck, though, that I got sort of sick since last Monday. Sore throat on Sunday night, colds and slight fever on Monday, asthma on Monday night and today, colds. My mom says it’s from the tension (which I don’t really feel), but I think it’s from all the Nutella I ate last Sunday. Oops. ^^;

Oh, and I don’t exactly have instant buddies in the office just yet, but I’m giving it time. My officemates are funny and everyone is really nice (I mean, people actually greet me good morning and notice me most of the time, instead of being uttely invisible back in OJT days :P). I hope I find some people to eat lunch with at least…but I don’t mind eating lunch alone just yet because I have some books for company. Of course, I’ll run out of money and grow considerably fatter if I keep on eating at fast food chains. Haha. In God’s time. :)

Anyway, I better stop here. I’ll post a more detailed (if possible) entry next time and I’ll try to get some pictures just for fun. :D I need to go to bed already, doctor’s orders. :P God bless everyone. :) And thanks for the prayers! Keep them coming? :D Good night! :)