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Who Am I to Complain?

[From Bo Sanchez‘s Blog]

“At The Exact Time I Was Complaining, God Was At Work…”

Let me tell you a fascinating story.

Lizette shared this beautiful story to me this morning and I just knew in my heart that I had to share it to you.

Nick and Lizette are my great friends. Lizette is helping me in Catholic Filipino Academy, where we help parents teach their kids at home. (In case you’re interested in our work, visit http://www.catholicfilipinoacademy.com/) Her husband Nick got a job offer in Canada and has applied for a work permit. (Yes, in a few months, I’ll be losing Lizette from my team as she’ll be joining her husband in Toronto.)

This is what happened. Nick went through the required medical exams for his work permit. After a few days, the doctor called up to tell him that he discovered a mass in Nick’s x-rays. Very much alarmed, he asked Nick to go through a CT scan. “It could be a possible aortic aneurysm which would require immediate surgery,” the doctor told him.

Nick however wasn’t disturbed. “Doc, that mass that you saw may just be my 3rd  kidney.” It was a harmless condition his doctor in Manila discovered many years ago. He learned that it occurs to one in two million people.

Still, the doctor asked him to go through a CT scan.

But here was Nick’s problem: The CT scan costs $1,100. Being in Canada without a work permit yet, he was basically broke.

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