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Feast Day

If you use Didache, Kerygma Family‘s Catholic devotional and you’ve read today’s reflection, yes, that Tina M is me. :P I swear, even I get surprised when I see my reflections, to think I know about it already (but yes, I forget :D).

Didache, September 28, 2007
A Thousand Lives

“The Son of Man must suffer many things.” –Luke 9:22

The patron saint of my elementary and high school is the first Filipino saint, Lorenzo Ruiz. For 10 years, I had to hear his life story — where he was born, how he got to Japan and how he was killed — over and over. To be totally honest, I was really kind of sick of it. Plus, the film about him that we used to watch in GMRC/Values Education class was kind of morbid.

When I entered college, I stopped hearing Lorenzo’s life story because I changed schools. But I started to really get to know someone else more, the person who I am pretty sure St. Lorenzo followed after. Luke said, “The Son of Man must suffer many things.” And I think St. Lorenzo knew that Jesus himself suffered many things because He loves us. In return, the saint was willing to give a thousand lives for Jesus because he knew to what extent his Savior suffered for him. Tina M.

I’ll write something about how you learn more from yourself when you read something you wrote before next time. But yes, today is the St. Lorenzo Ruiz’s feast day. For those who don’t know, he’s the first Filipino saint. Pinoy pride, mehn. ;) Haha, if you want to read his life story, it’s pretty much around the net.

I can’t believe I’m shooing you guys to go around for his story. I’d post it, but I have no time to look around for it now because I am swamped with work. Not that I’m complaining and all, but it’s starting to get really crazy. I have a presentation to finish for this afternoon and a newsletter to finish for tonight plus the daily requests…so yay. I might need some muscle milk for this. Hahaha.

Have a great Friday everyone. :)