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Challenge # 1: The First Time

[Note: See related post!]
And here’s my very first challenge from Mr. Ganns Deen. :)

I challenge you to blog about the first time you shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with someone and s/he accepted Him into her/his life.

I guess I’d talk about my first youth camp ever, since it was the first time I served in YFC and the first time I actually started to evangelize. That was about 6 years ago! Wow! Anyway that camp was actually quite memorable; besides being my first time to serve in a YFC camp, there were also a lot of, say, some sort of supernatural happenings there as well.

Anyway, in YFC Camps, the participants are divided into discussion groups where they would be able to discuss amongst themselves the contents of the talk. These groups are facilitated by one to two discussion group leaders, who initiates the discussions and who makes sure the participants are all well throughout the camp. The discussion group would be able to clear some issues for the participants, if they have any, and would act as a “barkada” for them inside the camp. These discussion groups are the most important part of the camp because it is the direct line of the participants to God during the camp.

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