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David Cook sings Switchfoot's Dare You to Move

Like I said, I’m not much of an American Idol fan, and after David Cook’s Always Be My Baby, I hardly listened to any of the other songs anymore (I’m selective that way). But then I read from LandofBrokenHearts.org that David would be singing Dare You to Move…well, I just fell in love with him even more:


And of course, there’s the AMAZING I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, which almost made me hyperventilate while listening:


Now, I’m no music know-it-all, and I am not saying he’s the best among the two other contestants (haven’t heard any song from the other two yet), but I love love love him. I love his rocker voice. And I love that he sang a Switchfoot song. ♥

Imagine this: David Cook and Switchfoot singing Dare You to Move together. Ahhh! Can I faint now?

David Cook FTW? I want to! But even if he doesn’t become American Idol, I’m sure he has a bright career ahead. :)