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First of March

Yesterday consisted of:

  • Sleeping in late
  • Playing Heroes for a while in the morning
  • Dressing up
  • Jomar & Clarisse‘s wedding (Congratulations!)
  • Seeing old friends who I haven’t seen since the Switchfoot in Manila event
  • Seeing my Sociology professor in the wedding who I haven’t seen in five years and turns out to be Jomar’s friend. Small world!
  • Becoming an impromptu tech person to help out with the video presentation for the pre-reception event
  • Resting all night to recuperate from all of the past weeks’ activities.

Today I got to rest, more or less, and I think I’m ready for tomorrow’s back to work day shift. Interestingly, I have to fore myself not to work on anything that is related to work when I get home. Today I did some little work stuff, but that’s only because I want to be rid of that before tomorrow so I can do the other stuff we need to finish. Did that make sense?

Another thing, I’m becoming more…paranoid about the work stuff I left at work. Maybe it’s only because there’s so many things that we need to finish tomorrow which is why I’m thinking of that constantly, and I bet once we finish the workload (no more excuses now since we don’t have anything big to do), I’ll be functioning normally again. Heh. I’m kind of apprehensive with opening my email inbox tomorrow because I feel like there’s incoming “hate mail” because we haven’t done what we are supposed to be doing. But that’s probably just my paranoia again. Hee.

Oh, since we’re all talking about work stuff, I won something during our Barangay Hall last Friday. =D I got awarded as one the Top 3 specialists for the quarter. :”> I freaked out when it was announced because I was emceeing. Talk about awkward moment! I got a Php 1000 gift certificate from Rustan’s which I could use to buy…something. Oooh, I could buy a LeSportsac bag with that! :) I’m still going to pay a bit more to get a decent bag, but at least it’s not as expensive as Hilton Head rentals. :D

My mom and my brother have been bugging me to sleep because of day shift tomorrow, so I’m going now. Belated happy first of March!