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Miss Invisible (Laura Jensen Walker)

Rating: [rate 4.0]
Miss Invisible by Laura Jensen Walker

Convinced that her larger size relegates her to a wallflower status, Freddie Heinz hides behind wedding cakes she creates as a professional baker. But life is about to change for Miss Invisible.

First of all, Freddie’s found a new friend who encourages her to come out of her shell. Then, Hal, the cute veterinarian, starts showing interest in he woman behind the delightful cakes. And when Freddie decides to break every rule in the “big girl’s” book and finds out who she really is, life gets even more exciting — and hilarious.

Finally I got to read another one from one of my favorite authors, Laura Jensen Walker. It’s no secret that her Phoebe Grant novels are my favorites, and she was the first Christian chicklit author I read about. :) I saw this book from her website and finally got the chance to get a copy through my dad.

Now, I love how the protagonist of this novel is someone who’s not into fashion, but more into food. Although I am not invisible and there’s no too much stressing on figure from where I am, I can relate to her having a hard time shopping, to her loving food and having dessert at home. Heh. Deborah, the other character is fantastic as well — she even made me feel happy about my curves. :D

The message is good, but I’m not too thrilled about how the story went. Although I think the story is fine, there were some parts of it I really didn’t like. Like Freddie’s blogging. It didn’t seem to gel with the entire story; it felt kind of out of place. And how Freddie’s love life was tackled, especially since my reading eyes were already set on Hal, but that didn’t push through. The “climax” of the story didn’t seem too high as well; although it brought tears to my eyes. The last part of the story reminded me of how she wrote Reconstructing Natalie, where instead of a continuously flowing story, it felt like she was telling me the other highlights of the story instead. Not that that’s bad, it just felt a bit…I don’t know, disjointed?

Oh, but I loved two other things in the story. First is Deborah’s house, which when described seemed SO beautiful and homey. I bet her house beats all the other Condo Hotels out there. Also, there’s all those FOOD! All the cakes that Freddie baked and decorated, as well as the food that Deborah cooked for her catering business…yum yum!

This is a good book, and I recommend it for everyone, especially for those who feel insecure about their figures. :) We are fearfully and wonderfully made! :D