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First Quarter Pauper

Hi, I’m not so sick anymore. *cue cheers here* I even managed to get a work out today, hurray!

So today, while I was taking a shower, I was thinking of getting a new MacBook Pro. Why? Because…well, it’s comparably cheaper than it was a few years ago — heck, the 13″ in MacBook Pro is even cheaper now than when I bought my black MacBook back in 2007. So I was thinking of selling my MacBook and buying a new one (still naming it Aslan because I love that name) and…that’s it. Why? Well, just because. I know, I know, not so smart; it’s just a want, not a need.

But after much thinking, I realized that I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it this year. Okay, I may be able to afford it, but it’s just not prudent to do so this year (did I use the word correctly?). There are all these other expenses that I need to attend to first, like getting new clothes (yes, it’s a need now), paying off debts, sponsoring another child, trips with friends, and there’s my brother’s wedding this year too, where I promised to pay for the flowers. So…it’s really not wise to buy something that expensive when the one I have right now can serve me just as well as a new one can. Plus…okay, I don’t really need it anyway. I use it only for my stories other personal stuff, and I have Teo to use while I am at work — laptops provided by companies that provides IT Jobs are pretty powerful too, if you ask me.

I decided then to put it off one more year and just get it for myself on my 25th birthday in 2011 (gasp!), if I still feel like getting one. Things could change, you know.

Then I thought of what’s one thing we need at home? Aha! A PRINTER! The old printer we have at home is not really working anymore, plus I hate that when one of the cartridges runs out of ink the printer won’t print anymore — EPSON, why so? I don’t really do much printing at home, but my mom does, especially when my dad sends stuff. Plus it would be nice to print the right stuff correctly at home and not anywhere else, if you get what I mean.

Oh and I’d like to print my novel too, when I get it done. And put it in a binder and have an actual printed copy I can go through and edit after.

So how much are HP printers nowadays? I like HP because the draft setting of their printers doesn’t look like draft at all, but like normal print. I know, HP cartridges can be very expensive, but then their inks last a long time, right?

But you know what, that isn’t really the point of this post. Heh, got you there. I just felt like rambling.

After thinking of all those want-to-buys and fueling my gadget thirst this early in the year…I realized I need to focus on the immediate things first, which are the things I have decided to splurge on in the next two months. I have to stress the “splurge” because it’s not a need…or wait, it can be a need, since it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean…well, it’s hard to justify, but it really is a once in a lifetime thing and I don’t want to miss these.

First off:


Backstreet Boys

If you don’t know these guys, it means I’m getting old. Or you’re just young. But anyway, it’s Backstreet Boys! They’re the first band I really liked, Nick Carter was my first biggest celebrity crush, and I wrote stories about these guys. The last time they were here (still with Kevin), I missed the concert because I had a  YFC planning that night and I didn’t have the money. I can’t miss this now.

Of course, tickets are expensive:

  • Patron VIP (Reserved Seating) P4,760
  • Patron (Reserved Seating) P4,280
  • Lower Box (Reserved Seating) P3,810
  • Upper Box A (Reserved Seating) P2,860
  • Upper Box B P960
  • Gen. Admission P480

But it’s not like I need to see them up close. Okay, maybe I want to, but I’ve grown up from the last time I fangirled over them, and honestly, Upper B is okay, just like when I watched Lifehouse in Manila two years ago.

Fine, laugh all you want. It’s the Backstreet Boys, and 90’s music is not the same without them!

I justified this expense for myself by the way: it’s my post-Valentine’s Day gift for myself. Yay. Grace, Jana, lessgooooow!

And next.


Look how cute they are here There is no way I can miss this one. How many times have I just listened to Paramore songs all day? When I work out? When I’m feeling angry? When I’m feeling emo and melancholic? Sometimes when I’m even cheerful? Heck, I was listening to Paramore’s Brand New Eyes when we were cleaning the house after Ondoy!

So there is really no way that I’m missing Paramore’s first concert in Manila. I’m even willing to splurge more for this. Look at these ticket prices:

  • GOLD: Php 3,950.00
  • SILVER: Php 1,550.00
  • BRONZE: Php550.00

I’ve been to MOA’s concert grounds during the Katy Perry/Mae concert, and it’s free standing, so to get the really best place there, you really have to be early. Even early enough to hear their sound check, right Happs? ;) There’s no way I’m settling for less with this concert — Gold all the way! :)

Oh, and there are VIP tickets available for this concert…but I don’t think it’s worth it for the price.

Two other things about this concert: (1) it’s on a Tuesday night and (2) How many Twilight fans do you think will watch this concert all because of Decode?


Oh and justification for this concert? My early birthday gift to myself. :)

So see, the first quarter of 2010 is kind of making me a pauper already, just thinking about it. Not to mention there’s the Century Tuna Run on February, Avenue Q on March…and what else? Ah see. I think I’m going to start bringing lunches to work, and stop riding cabs. And stop impulse buying on books when I don’t really need them (yeah right).

Sigh. I’m happy though, because it means I can afford these things and it means I’m being provided for, and it means I’m blessed enough to be single (yes!) and have the finances to pay for these things…and enjoy life. Jehovah-jireh, right?

You know what, I should get back to work. :P