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I pray that You would keep me mystified

Today I spent the day being creative. :P I’m not the most creative person around, and I know a lot more people who can make something really good out of spare scraps of papers and other random art materials and I’m not really one of them. My scrapbooking skills always end up looking the same, and whenever I try to add a lot of elements, it always ends looking messy, not artistic.

But much thanks to my dear friend Bea, I learned a lot more things on scrapbooking and being creative. :P Haha. Today, my high school friends came over to make a scrapbook for someone, and I suddenly became the head of the creative team. Haha, so I pretended to be “creative” and with a lot of paper, glue, cutting, and old magazines, we actually got a pretty nice thing in the end. :P I forgot to take pictures, but I’ll take them on Wednesday when we meet each other again. I think I might just have a career in layouting. :)

And speaking of new layouts…I should make one for this site soon.

I’m feeling mighty unhealthy; maybe it’s because I haven’t been doing physical activity for almost two weeks. :-s That’s what happens when you get stuck inside the house all day. I need physical activity. I wish I could go and enroll myself in the gym so that at least I have something to do everyday, but I feel like going to a gym is one big unnecessary luxury…but it beats doing nothing. Maybe I should seriously consider that, while I’m still unemployed and all. I need to start thinking healthy.

Anyway, I had a great time with my high school friends. It was nice talking to them again and it always reminds me that what we got here is for real. I’ve known those people for more than eight years already…our friendship is bound to last, right? I wonder what would happen when one of us gets married and then starts having kids. Haha. Too early to think about that, Tina. ;)

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