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Comebacks: Green Archers and NaNoWriMo

First off…


I knew there was a reason why I wore a green shirt today! :) I feel bad for missing it though, I was at the grocery when I realized it was game time, and my friends just texted me the result. But still! Wohoo! I thought there would be game 3! I was happy about us being at the finals, but this is amazing. :D

Next up on my to-do list: watch a UAAP game where we actually become champions. Haha. I’ve never watched a championship game live. Well, okay I did, back when I was a frosh, when ADMU beat DLSU. :P The memories of those years. Hahaha. Let me watch a finals game where we win, please?

Congratulations, Green Archers! :) When’s the victory party?

And speaking of comebacks, it’s baaaack! What’s it? National Novel Writing Month! Yes, it’s the time to write your 50,000 word novel in 30 days from midnight of November 1 to 11:59pm of November 30. Sign ups have been open since last week, so if you haven’t signed up yet, go do it now! There’s a very warm and welcoming Filipino NaNoWriMo group, and we have our own forum here. Pretty soon we’ll be starting up a blog (or resurrecting the old blog that we have) where we will be sharing encouragements, tips, and plans for the Pinoywrimos meet up. If you’re up for the challenge, then sign up here!

As for my novel ideas…I’m blank. Okay, not exactly, I have some ideas like I mentioned before, but I need to formalize them and all. I think I will not do the Ibong Adarna remix because I don’t feel like it. I actually want to write something with minimal planning, just me writing and letting my characters lead me to where they want to go. I want to be more outrageous this time, more adventurous. I don’t want my main character to be like me for a change. And I want something like I did last year, where the basic idea is from Jacob’s story in the Bible. Hmmm. :-?